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Hey, welcome to 0% Mortgage Money. Nowadays you can no longer move for 0% introduction bids on credits card - but now you can get an opening interest of 0% on your mortgage. A conspicuous new deals coming on the market this weekend will offer much lower payment in the first few month, resulting in "savings" of up to 4,000 or more - cash the client may want to use for DIY, buying furnishings and so on.

Whilst the Welcome Mortgage, initiated by the Leeds Banking Association, has been nodded approvingly by most analysts, some prospective borrower will ask: "What's the hook? According to the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, the government's financing system for loans has led to some low mortgage interest rate records, and last months was the toughest for housing since January 2010.

Other people may worry that the deals resemble the "floating mortgage " with its enticing "teaser" interest that triggered the US subprime mortgage crises, or (for those with long memories) the "deferred interest" home credits selling in the UK in the eighties, which made it possible to repay part of the interest at a later date, but which caused difficulties for many.

There are two different types of welcome mortgage: a three or five-year interest coupon. Neither gives clients the opportunity not to pay interest for the first three or six month. Thereafter, it depends on the selected interest-free interval and the amount of the contribution, with the three-year fixing beginning at 3.79% and the five-year fixing at 4.23%.

Mortgage will not be "free" in these first three or six month - clients will continue to make a one month deposit to repay the principal as this transaction is only available on a payback terms only. It is crucial that the interest "vacation" at the beginning of the business is taken into account in the later installments.

However, the starting fees will be significantly lower than if the homebuyer had chosen a standardised transaction. If someone borrows 300,000 and opts for a 90% loan-to-value (LTV) five-year interest with a 0% interest term for the six -month limit, the starting month's payout would be 1,000 pounds (capital only) - much less than the 1,715 pounds that someone who takes the Leeds 90% five-year fix would do.

In the six moths this client would have "saved" 4,293 (in fact delayed) compared to normal business. However, after the six moths that 1,000 per annum will leap to 1,803 per annum, and stick to it until the end of the five-year set timeframe. That Leeds transaction is the latest in a series of enticing new bids from mortgage banks that have started ramping things up once again.

Reviewer e. Sur, who perform one million mortgage evaluations a year, say there is increasing evidence to suggest that governments are beginning to relax the very stringent loan conditions they put in place at the start of the financial crunch. The mortgage intermediaries largely embraced Leeds' 0% transaction. E.g. Accord Mortgages - Yorkshire Buildings Society's Broker Brands - has a five-year fix at 3. 19% for those who want to lend 80% of the real estate value.

For those who choose six month without interest, the equal welcome mortgage is 4.5%. A welcome Borrower would end up having to pay £47,809 (6 x £500, then 54 x £826. 12, plus the £199 fee) - slightly more than £3,000. However, they will have profited from lower payment levels in the potentially costly first few month.

One Leeds spokesperson tried to point out that the welcome mortgage had nothing to do with the postponed interest mortgage - where the borrowers would pay a lower interest for a first time, then a higher interest later - which put many a person in it. Using the new loan, he said, "You pay off the principal and reduce your debts from the first day of the month".

In addition, borrower have the security of firm monetary amounts. By and large Hollingworth agreed and said that while the concern is always that humans will be faced with "payment shock", with this Deal " it is all made. "The interest you pay is paid at a constant interest and you know exactly what you are going to pay from the fourth or seventh months (when the zero interest term expires).

It is believed that this is the first mortgage of its kind in the United Kingdom. Hollingworth says the nearest transaction was probably one made by the Yorkshire Buildingsociety in 2005, specifically targeted at those who had recently got married or split up, and offering a first interest-free half-year offer. Borrower Ray Boulger, on real estate agent John Charcol, says that borrower must recall that the new mortgage is not interest-free - they are paying interest over the residual life of the business.

Adding that the Welcome Mortgage is not the least expensive business on the open mortgage markets, it is quite competitively priced, especially considering the low fees. But Boulger believes that the five-year model is probably the better one. It assumes that most likely will choose the one that will be of no interest for six years.

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