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2nd 1st 2nd Mortgage Co.of N.J., Inc. provides mortgage banking services.

Browse our free database to find email addresses and extensions for 1st 2nd Mortgage Co. employees. 1. 2. mortgage company of N.J., Inc. Receive information, directions, products, services, phone numbers and reviews about the 1st 2nd Mortgage Co in Cresskill, NJ. The refinancing of a first and second mortgage requires some additional considerations.

1. and 2. mortgage refinancing loans

To refinance a first and second mortgage will require some additional consideration. You may find that the combination of the two mortgage types leads to a higher interest level dependent on your own funds. It may also be that you have to manage PMI with the funded mortgage. Could you benefit from our funding? Funding two mortgage types allows you to consolidated your loan in one single installment and often lowers your monthly bill.

Those who have a large amount of capital will profit most from the consolidation of loan because they are qualified for the low interest rate. If you have less than 20% of your own capital, you also have to cover your PMI. Though with these determinants, you may still find that you are saving cash by funding.

In order to see whether it makes good business for you to refinance, you should look into mortgage providers. They can go on-line and ask for offers and conditions. A mortgage calculator can help you to calculate your interest charges and your payment schedule. A simple way to collate the cost is to first sum up your interest payment on both mortgage types.

You can use this number to check interest rate repayments against any mortgage. They must also take into account the funding overhead. As with your initial mortgage, you must make charges and points. They want to be sure that they can compensate these expenses by their interest saving.

What do you want to fund both your mortgage loans for? Whilst re-financing both mortgage is comfortable, you may choose to re-finance only one or both seperately. Your home mortgage gives you the right to look forward to receiving low interest payments. The second mortgage usually qualifies for higher interest but you can include it.

They can also decide to change from a line of credit to a real mortgage.

When the bankruptcy's over, do I get the second mortgage?

My dear consultant in insolvency, I have registered a Chapter 7 insolvency which was completed in 2009. Then I paid my second mortgage line to the house for 4 years without a confirmation arrangement. Recently I learnt that the banks have written off this debt and assigned it to a debt collecting agent of whom I have never known.

Once the borrower has written off the credit, does that mean the credit is no longer valid? Will the fact that I'm in section 7 also wipe out all the charges against me? Also does this mean that the debt collecting agent can do nothing in legal terms after my insolvency? I' m getting this question alot, and while I know that you just hope to have some equities in your home, you still have to deal with the second mortgage.

You' re right that the second mortgage provider can't take you to court. Since you have obtained a relief in your Section 7 insolvency and you have not confirmed the credit, the creditor no longer has the right to take you to court to obtain his credit. They had to confirm the credit while your insolvency was still going on to restore it.

As you were receiving the first and second mortgage credits, the creditor placed a pledge against the home for each one. Some states allow the creditor to take you to court for failure to make payment for one or both sums. Successfully going bankrupt will remove the lender's right to take you to court, but it will not relieve the rights of pledge from the real estate.

Your creditor may or may not have waived the credit. Also, it is possible that the creditor merely sells the credit to another entity. Now the " new " debt collecting agency possesses the credit and the pledge which is still fastened to your house. Transferring the credit to the new entity does not, however, entail any new liabilities.

They are still shielded from legal action because they have obtained their 7 Capital 7 relief and have not confirmed the credit. However, the new entity may exclude the real estate only for lack of making monetary repayments. Now that the loans are with the new firm, this could be good news. Perhaps you are in a good place to either bargain for a reduction in the month's pay or a credit statement.

Your mortgage is available? Possibly you can pay off the unpaid balance for something more than what the business has been paying to get your loans from the banka. As a result, the pledge is removed from your land and the remainder of the amount is cancelled. So, while the pledge still remains, transferring the notice from one firm to another could be good news for you.

Give them a call and see what methods of paying are available. In order to ask a query to the insolvency consultant, go to the "Ask experts" page and choose "Bankruptcy" as the subject. read more insolvency consultant's columns and more stories on debt managment.

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