30 year interest Rates Chart

30-year yield curve

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40% 4.40% 4.80% 4.54% US 30 Year Mortgage Rate Historical Data. A 30-year fixed-rate mortgage should be withdrawn - forever. This is because the yield on the 10-year Treasury Note fell to 1.46 per cent on 1 July 2016. Rate of interest, Last, Wk Ago, High, Low, 52-Wk, 3-year. 30 year mortgage, fixed, 4.87, 4.63, 4.87, 3.84, 1.00, 1.01.

A graph showing 200 years of US interest rates

The story shows that the only place where interest rates rise from here is higher - according to experienced technoanalyst Louise Yamada. If we look at a graph of US interest rates over the last two hundred years, Yamada pointed to a bottom building that has taken place in recent years.

US yields rose to 2.3% after the elections due to higher expected rates under President-elect Donald Trump and the prospect of an interest rat increase next months. "I think it would be very good to increase interest rates," Yamada commented. "We' re definitely observing 3 per cent, because that will be the final mark at which we can definitely say that interest rates have reversed."

This 3 per cent also reflects the downward trend of 1980 on the Yamada chart. "We are looking at the higher low and the 10-year grade would have to introduce a slightly higher high to determine the actual physical proof of the reversal," she added. Yamada finally said that higher interest rates will push stock markets in the short run as past economic and stock market cycle signals have boosted the stock market.

30-Year Interest Rates Chart

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