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Why does my lender ask for one? The American Mortgage Lender is currently licensed in the following states: America's leading mortgage lender You are advised to call our Customer Service at 800-450-2010 DW 7100 between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.

Pacific or send an e-mail to at any time for a decision on a credit approval claim. The New York State Departement of Financial Services does not authorize this website.

This website does not facilitate the acquisition of mortgages or credit requests for real estate in the State of New York. Warranty for 14 days is valid only for purchases. Nothing in this warranty shall be construed as conferring any right to return Mortgages, FHA 203k, VA, Bond, MCC, credits that are subject to the previous consent of an assignee, or any credits provided by an assignee.

After 14 days, the triggers begin when the borrower's request packet is completed and the creditor has authorised the transaction for the expert opinion.

America's Mortgage Bank

Housing loans with America's mortgage lender mean a mortgage that will close on schedule and without effort. Take advantage of our safe mortgage on-line service to request a home mortgage today. Ready with our mortgage experts! Funding mortgages can reduce your recurring mortgage costs, which can lead to significant cost-cutting.

Buy your home with only 3.5% discount! Safest credit programme. Anyone who qualifies for this credit can buy without a deposit and without PMI. Amerikas Hypothekenbank can get you prequalified and find you the mortgage that best suits your needs. Learn how you can pre-qualify today!

Home-loan financing with America's Mortgage Lender means a mortgage that will close on schedule without the outlay. If you are a first purchaser or an advanced homeowner, buying a new home can be a busy one.

Mortgages since 1940

Mid America, in use since 1940, has evolved while maintaining its entrepreneurship and leadership in innovations, most recently with the introduction of electronically closed mortgages (eClosings) and eNotes. Offering a broad array of home finance programmes to suit the needs of most home purchasers and owners, we are also the premier home finance supplier in Section 184 for Aboriginal Residents.

Mid America is looking for technically skilled, service-oriented mortgage experts to join its expanding group. Our mission is to provide our staff with industry-leading tooling and technologies to provide a great set of competitively priced products, programmes and expert services.

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