Ameriquest Mortgage

The Ameriquest Mortgage

The Ameriquest Mortgage Co. operates as a subprime lender in the United States. American is a leading wholesale subprime lender in the United States.

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America completes transaction, Citigroup purchases mortgage securities

City Group Inc (C.N.), the US's biggest financial institution, said Friday that it had pledged to buy the Ameriquest mother company, ACC Capital Holdings' wholesale mortgage credit and debt collections portfolio at an unpublished rate. Under the terms of the transaction, the Group has the right to recover or make cash advances on $45 billion of debt. Minor portions of other lendings and financial instruments were also consolidated.

America was the first large sub-prime bank to reduce its size in the real estate market and in May 2006 decided to shut down all 229 stores and shed 3,800 workers. Ever since, sub-prime creditors who lend to those with poor credits have been facing a downswing. House prices have dropped, failures have increased and investor have ceased to buy many home loan deals that have been made.

In the past year, many sub-prime creditors have applied for insolvency cover, either by selling themselves or closing down. US President George W. Bush said Friday that the US administration would try to keep some borrower from getting into default, but it would not save the creditors. The problems in the sub-prime mortgage arena have extended to other bond arrears sectors, as well as lending to fund leveraged buyouts, causing great problems for many corporate and mutual funders.

The ACC " is gearing up for the ordered removal of its private customer mortgage lending which will no longer accept any proposals," said spokesperson Chris Orlando. Orlando said that Roland Arnall will remain the main shareholder of the group. In February, Citigroup received an asset purchase facility within the framework of a financial resources arrangement to keep Orange, California, ACC in operation.

ACC spokesperson Orlando refused to reveal Ameriquest's latest credit volume.

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