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Applying for a bad-credit mortgage loan Home Guides Do not know how poor your loan is until you obtain a loan reference. Looking outside the box, investigate interest on arrears, charges and interest on arrears. The majority of loan programmes take two years after insolvency and three years after enforcement to be considered for a loan. Creditors will tell you that even if you have poor credibility, 12 month shows sound payments record and reducing debts will help you get a loan.

Creditors investigate this number, which is referred to as the debt-to-income relationship. Bad loan conditions for an FHA loan require a DTI rate of 31% or less; DTI 33 is too high. A lower loan rating reduces the lender's desire for a DTI relationship. If you are willing to apply, collect an up-to-date copy of your loan statement, your last two years' declarations and your most recent salary review.

Don't let it run your credits yet; tough credits queries can fall by as much as five points per query score credits. Store around by giving other creditors the same information to see who has the best prices for you and the cheapest acquisition charges. Once you have found a creditor that you feel at home with, fill out the loan form.

Enable loan checking and refresh all up-to-date salary information. Give creditors statements on past loan matters such as insolvency or enforcement.

Applying for a home loan

Go to your next franchise and talk to a mortgage originator. Begin your mortgage request at 0800 269 4663 (0800 ANZ HOME) to talk to one of our mortgage specialists. It' always worth being ready - so here's what you need when you apply:

Please call 0800 269 296 if you would like to talk to a financial advisor authorized by ANZ.

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