Apr today

April today

How important are the April vacations? In April there are as many holidays as flower holidays and we are happy to share them all with you! April 1 Fools DayFunU.S. Apr.

2National Peanut Butter and Jelly DayFood & BeveragesU.S. Apr. 3National Search for a Rainbow DayFunU.K..., U.S. Apr. 4National Hug a Newsperson DayCareerU.S. Apr. 4National Walking DayFun, HealthU.S. Apr. 5National Burrito DayFood & BeverageU.S. Apr. 5National Deep Dish Pizza DayFood & BeverageU.S. Apr. 5RAINN DayCause USA/Avril 6National Siamese Cat DayAnnals USA

S. Apr, 6 avril Journée nationale des étudiants et des athlètesSportsÉtats-Unis 6 avril Veille de la nouvelle bièreAv, 7 avril Journée nationale de la bièreAliments et boissonsÉtats-Unis 8Journée nationale de l'emploiAliments et boissonsÉtats-Unis 9av, Journée nationale Winston ChurchillInternational Royaume-Uni.., U.S. Apr. 10National Embrace of Your Dog DayAnimalsU.S. Apr. 10National Siblings DayFamilyU.S. Apr. 11National Pet DayAnimalsU.S. Apr. 12National Grilled Cheese Sandwich DayFood & BeverageU.S. Apr. 13National Make Lunch Count DayFood & Beverage, FunU.

S. 14National Ex Spouse DayRelationshipsU.S. Avr. 16Wear Pyjamas to Work DayFunU.S. Avr. 17National Cheeseball DayFood & BeverageU.S. Avr. 17Tax DayFinancialU.S. Avr. 19National Garlic DayFood and BeverageU.S. Avr. 19National High Five DayFunU.S. Avr. 20Nationale Look-Alike DayRelationshipsU.S. Avr. 21Husband Appreciation DayFamilyU.S. Avr. 21Nationale Bulldoggen sind schöne DayAnimalsU.S. Avr. 22Nationale Jelly Bean DayAniv.

23Nationaler PicknicktagFunU.S. Avr. 23St. George's DayFederalU.K. Apr. 24National Pigs in a Blanket DayFood & BeverageU.S. Apr. 25National Telephone DayTechnologyU.S. Apr. 26National Brezel DayFood and BeverageU.S. Apr. 27National Day of SilenceCauseU. 28Arbor DayEnvironmentalU.S. Avr. 28National Superhero DayFunU.S. Avr. 29National Shrimp Scampi DayFood & BeverageU.S. Avr. 30National Honesty DayFunU.S. Apr.

30National Raisin DayFood & BeveragesU.S. AprilDistracted Drive Consciousness monthCauseU.S. AprilNational Couples Revaluation monthRelationsU.S. AprilNational Decoration MonthFunU.S. AprilNational Garden MonthEnvironment, Fun, HealthU.S. AprilNational Humor MonthFunU.S. AprilNational Internshipwareness MonthCareerU.S. AprilNational Inventors MonthCareerU.S. AprilNational Pecan MonthFood and BeverageU.S. AprilNational Pet MonthAnimalsU.S. AprilNational Soft Brezel MonthFood and BeverageU. April National Soy Foods MonthFood & BeverageU.S. AprilPrevention of Cruelty to Animals MonthAnimalsU.S. AprilScottish-American Heritage MonthSauseU.S. AprilStresswareness MonthHealthU.S. Was bedeutet der Aprilurlaub ?

Showering April brings May blossoms - and that's exactly why April has its name. It derives from the word "aperire", which means "to open", because in April the "opening" (or flowering) of pretty plants and plants all over the globe begins. Which unforgettable April vacation times are there? There are no April public holidays on our calender.

I' m just joking, April fool (April 1st)! And if you don't like handy gags, but still like to come down, you can join International Dance Days (29 April) or World Party Days (3 April). Today we still like it, and therefore there is a garlic festival in April (19 April)!

It is the comfortable food monthly - it is also the National Burrito Day (6 April) and National Grill Day (12 April). Although we don't need a good cause to party our pets, we are always happy to have an excuse to do so - so we like that one of our April vacations is National Pets Day (11 April).

The most important date in our schedule is probably the National Berry Days on April 7th (although the National Bretzel Days on April 26th are also quite important - what would we eat with our beer?). Do you know that beers are the most widely drunk alcohol in the whole wide range? Do we miss your favourite April vacation?

Tell us about all the April vacations we should be adding!

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