Auto Loan Refinance Rates

Car loan refinancing rates

The monthly payment amounts vary depending on the credit period and interest rate. Support rates have no impact on creditworthiness. Request a refinance car loan online, by phone or in a branch.

Actual Auto Loan Refinancing Rates

When you refinance your car loan, you can cut your interest, the month' payments or both! Since our members are property holders, we can share our winnings with you through better rates. When your car is ripped off or totalled in an incident, your insurer pays only the value that could be much lower than what you still owed from the loan.

The following prices includes the rebate of 0.25% for the automated crediting. Prices: All prices are inclusive of the 0.25% rebate for auto crediting. All prices are inclusive of the 0.25% rebate for auto crediting. APR (Annual Percentage Rate) is applicable from 2.8.2018, calculated on the basis of credit and subscription ratios and is our best APR-rating.

A 36-month maturity and 100% finance of the Kelley Blue Book Value for used vehicles and 100% loan-to-value for new vehicle purchases. The proof of source of income is necessary at the moment of loan finance. One month per $1,000 for 36 month at 2.74% APR is $28.97. Please note that this example of payments is for illustrative only.

Please note that your real payments may differ. Annual interest of 2.49% contains the deduction of 0.25% for the automated loanayment. In order to receive this interest deduction, an automated disbursement must be made for the entire duration of the loan. Credit requirements consist of $8,000 for a 60-month loan, $15,000 for a 72-month loan, and $25,000 for an 84-month loan.

Loan programmes, interest rates, policies and operating rates of credits unions are changeable without prior notification.

The best option

The prices quoted apply to new or used vehicles, lorries and delivery vehicles. The tariffs shall apply from 16 September 2018. Tariffs are based on your individual rating, duration of loan, bank relation and means of payments. The prices quoted apply to both new and used car credits with maturities of up to 84 month and can be changed at any uptime.

The rates and conditions for credits for other vehicle categories (i.e. industrial cars, mobile homes, classical and vintage cars, motorbikes, camper vans and boats) will be different.

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