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You can use this automatic credit calculator to estimate your payment for a new or used car business. You can use our financial calculators to estimate monthly payments, set savings targets, choose between rent and purchase and much more. Use our calculators to find out what you can afford or what you can invest in. The calculators are for your convenience and are not guaranteed for your application. As self-help tools, information and interactive calculators are available for your independent use.

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Our goal is to make available to you information about our goods and service that may be of interest to you and that you may find useful. Relational advertisements and behavioural advertisements help us do this. It collects information about your on-line activity, such as the search queries that you make on our pages and the pages that you view. We may use this information to serve advertisements on our sites and off-line (e.g. by telephone, electronic mail and postal mail) that are tailored to your particular interests.

Should you choose not to use this information, you may decline to accept it. However, if you unsubscribe, you may still get bulk ads. Additionally, advisor/client managers can still use the data gathered on-line to deliver information on products and services in accordance with bank agreement.

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Credit Payment Calculator - Think Mutual Bank

You use this calculator to make an estimation of a mortgageayment. You can use the sliders to modify your montly payments, the amount of credit, the interest rates or the duration. Extended credit entries: Installmonthly paymentIntallmonthly pay for this credit. Yearly interest rates for this credit. The interest is paid each month on the amount currently due on your loans at 1/12 of the interest yearly.

Duration in monthsNo. of month for this credit. Total amount of the loanTotal amount of your credit. Fix-rate mortgages comprise NEW and USED marine, engine, trailer, caravan, motorbike or warehouse mortgages. Floating-rate new car lending includes NEW and USED car or HGV lending. Floating rate/fixed rate mortgages comprise NEW and USED car, lorry, marine, motor, trailers, tour trailers, motorcycles or warehouse mortgages.

If you are applying for your think-loan you have the possibility to request a personal accident cover. If the holder of the policy becomes dead, the endowment policy will pay the sum assured on a debit side to a bank transfer. The common repayment term secures the survival of you and each common debtor. If the policyholder's mortgage or debit is completely and continually invalidated, the invalidity cover can make the required minimal amount per month.

Your recurring bonuses are charged only on your remaining debit or debit balances. Reward is added to your total amount of credits paid each month - no additional invoices or additional charges needed. As self-help tool, information and interacting computers are available for your use.

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