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Tops 2,821 ratings and complaints about Bank of America mortgages

When we found out that Bank of America was offering mortgages in the shape of leniency for 3 month, we got hopeful. Against everything I knew, I quit my mortgage for three month and used this cash to fix my house. On a regular basis, I would receive telephone conversations from their "forbearance" credit partners who would begin any discussion by compellingly declaring them to be a collecting company.

Before the end of the cease and desist letter I was selling my home and settling my BOA loans with the capital from the sales. Rapidly forward three time period when I perform a approval investigation and I discplaying perioding that my approval approval has drop 200 component to 600. No mortgage payments for three month!

Thanks for the Bank of America to destroy my loans! Rather than help me, they sell my mortgage to an awful creditor. You think twice about the Bank of America. You didn't clear up your scam on my loans. ROBA signed Robo punching and two programmes at the same period.... loans change and refinancing.

The BOA is the FIRST mortgagegiver. There is NO RETURN FOR YOUR PROCESS when requesting a change of loan. Where do I know I can rely on these Bank of America ratings? The mortgage comes from a cooperative loan association that sells it to BofA. We have been with A' for over 10 years now since our nationwide mortgage was been sold, and have had countless expenses with them, for example not putting money on our bankroll.

Once they put our money on a belated charge from the preceding months, left the rest of our money unused and gave us another belated charge, and then said we didn't settle for that one! Eventually they found it in an undone state, but did nothing about it and just said that they could not agree to an instalment.

Thus now we go to make our on-line deposit for August 2018, and the site will not allow it. The next morning we call and find out that our building has been in execution since December 2017. As they actually dig into this with them, they eventually sent a bulkhead note by legal mail, and it states that disbursement problems began in May, not December, and somehow we again have unsettled disbursements and unappropriated funds. What's more, we have no money to spend on the new system.

The BoA bought my credit. Four of my mortgage repayments were "lost". According to a solicitor and bank documents, have not yet found any payment. The Bank of America took over the Countrywide credit and had us behind them from the start, which I have proven several occasions that we were not.

Initial home loans granted by the Bank of America included unknown nationwide mortgage providers in this 2009 mortgage following the investigation's reimbursement of charges and improper acts during the lending procedure. A Loyal Bank of America client for over 40 years. The Bank of America quickly in March 2018 resold the current Home Mortgage to Carrington Mortgage Service, completely without regard to my allegiance to Bank of America, without permission, this emergency measure created immediate fiscal problems that delayed payments every single months.

The Carrington Mortgage Services will charge delay and $20. Strongly disillusioned by the Bank of America for completely ignoring customer service and engagement. What we need are consumer financial services with mandates to investigate these non-professional acts and behaviors. During 2007, the Bank of America asked to be my mortgage bank at the then prevailing interest rates (5.5%) and offered to forego all interest if I agreed to change from GE Capital.

When interest rates fell in the following period, the bank provided funding via email flyer about once a months, providing one point plus the normal commission. Never have I used them to refinance myself and I have also terminated all my bank and broking account with this bank for other purposes. At the time we received the credit, we were informed that we would be paying mortgage protection for 11 years.

Rather like living than borrowing. Refinancing of the 20-year mortgage and abolition of the mortgage credit. They also keep 6 month escrow, but by statute should be 2 month. They' been taking good care of us and giving us choices for our current needs. In the last minute, when the closure is only a few and a few and a few and a half away for the estimate and everything they reject, the loans without good cause.

In 2011, we concluded a reverse mortgage because it was our main service provider. Immediately they dropped the rev megs department after accumulating enough to sale to Champion Mortgage, a crummy outfit. In 2009 you were selling my handicapped older widowed aunt a predatory mortgage! Recently, she suffered a broken heart because her last credit service firm put her house up for auction on February 26, 2018.....

lt was horrible. l went on like this for three month. I had my mortgage on bis of a for years. Wasn' able to fund the home after he had finished and submitted all the papers, gone to the bank, made telephone calls and no reply. When trying to pawn my home in 2008 with the mortgage chaos, they presumed I was in default and wraped my mortgage in their chaos.

You took over my TB&W and said I was missing a number. Cannot contact the same person due to call centers in Middle America and third party providers abroad. The credit clerk did not react to me, and his superior had to be called. Communicating between the agent and the credit analyst is so important.

The Bank of America gave me deceptive information and bad services when I asked to terminate my satisfactory line of credit by releasing the pledge. I went to the bank on June 28 to apply for a deposit clearance. You answered the telephone and said there was an $8.00 surcharge.

So I gave the $8 worker at the top $8. 00 and was explained to liquid body substance position the multitude time period aft the $8. 00 in the bar had deleted the slope. I' m informed that the pledge would not be released until July 30th. At the end of July, when I phoned, I was informed that it would be another 15 workdays.

A fortnight later I went back to the bank and received word that the bank accounts had been shut down on 30 July and that it would be another 45 workingdays before the lien was lifted. Nobody in the bank seems to know what's going on and they really provide bad services.

The last time I got my mortgage bill was in July, I had made several direct mortgage repayments on my main claim so I could prepay it. In June, when I got the June settlement for the July mortgage account balances. You have to make the deposit on the first day after the July 16, I have written the cheque on the July 5, the invoice came with a different billing adress than the normal one.

So, I'm looking at my on-line bank on July 13th. There was no disclosed cheque, named Bank of America, talked to a woman and she said she saw no cheque awaiting being disclosed to verify back on the sixteenth. And when I phoned on the sixteenth, I was talking to a fellow who said to me, "You can't settle your mortgage with a face-to-face cheque, it has to be a certificated cheque for a wireline payment," which was after I was put on ice for 27mins.

July Instruction didn't remark how the end commerce should be ready-made, and the man explained to me that she wrote up a commerce declaration for the end commerce outgo an additive $17 than July Instruction stated. They had to call and wait another 20 mins because the dude gave them no adress for the wire and by the way this was $25 to stop the payout on the initial cheque that was typed and $15 to pay a wire for the rest of my mortgage.

On July 16, 2018, I had her transfer my last deposit and until today, August 2, I have not yet been paid my account on my trustee account I would like to point out that the Bank of America states on the back of the July announcement that you will be paid your trustee account within 10 working days of your last deposit.


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