Bank of America home Equity

Bank-of-America home equity

Disadvantages / This lender does not offer home ownership loans. The Verdict / Bank of America offers home equity credit lines. In 2018, Bank of America Reviews: Equity home loan

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Clicking on any of the link on our website may entitle you to a fee. We will not be paid if you do not click on the link on our website or use the telephone numbers on our website. The Bank of America is a state-recognized bank offering home ownership credit.

Established in 1904 and domiciled in North Carolina, Bank of America is a one-stop shop creditor that identifies prospective debtors on the basis of their creditworthiness, job histories and debts owed.

2.99% Introduction of APR 12 month

House owners who are lucky enough to have accumulated equity in their main home can use this equity via a mortgage or line of credit facility (HELOC). Using a home equity line of credit, important expenditures such as financing a children's college, making payments for home refurbishments or home upgrades, or the consolidation of high-yield debts can be administered with more easiness and less expense than alternate ways of taking out loans.

Prior to taking out a home equity line of credit against a home, it is important to check quotes from several mortgage banks, then get an understanding of the conditions and charges, the overall costs of taking out the loan, and the demands on repaying it. Currently, Bank of America provides qualifying home owners with the option to take advantage of a new home equity line of credit with an interest of only 2.99%.

Initial interest rates are floating, but may be as low as the announced interest rates for the first 12 month; thereafter interest rates may be up to 4.56% low. As well as the low interest rates, home owners with a new Bank of America home equity line of credit enjoy no claim charges or closure charges, an optimised on-line experience and the freedom to draw on the line of funds through on-line banks, telephone payments, ATM payments or free cheques.

Minimum available interest on the home equity line of credit contains several rebates. There is a 0.25% interest deduction available to those who set up automated payment on a Bank of America current or deposit accounts on a month to month basis. A deduction of an interest deduction of 0.10% to 1% may be made as soon as the first drawdown of the line of credit occurs when the bank accounts are opened.

Every $10,000 you get, it's a 0.10% rebate. Home owners who are also Preferred Rewards subscribers can earn an additional interest deduction of between 0.125% and 0.375%. Each borrower on a home equity line of credit must be qualified on the basis of loan histories and scores. The Bank of America is one of the biggest private and corporate banks in the globe and currently serves nearly 57 million private and small businesses in more than 40 different states.

The Bank of America provides over 5,000 full-service branches and a huge cash machine distribution area. Besides home ownership banking, the bank provides current and deposit account solutions, private and car credits, mortgages and asset administration as well. House owners interested in the Bank of America's introduction of new home loan rates can obtain further information by paying a visit to a finance centre, contact a loan officer at 1-866-290-4674 or visit the bank on-line.

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