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The bank refinances the interest today

The low interest rates, experienced credit professionals and local credit decisions make refinancing through Peoples Bank easy. Compute scenarios and apply online today! The interest rates for variable rate mortgages (ARMs) may change at the end of their respective fixed rate period. We are here to help you throughout the process, offering competitive pricing and flexible financing packages to suit every budget. If you want to start today, call us.

Mortgages, interest on mortgages & funding

We are here to help you throughout the entire lifecycle, offering competitively priced and financially responsive solutions that meet every need. If you want to start today, call us. Or use our finance calculator to research your mortgages option and calculate your estimated total amount of money paid each month. There is no better moment to check your present mortgages than when interest rates are low or are likely to fall.

Funding your mortgages can be a really wise choice that will help you safe your cash, but be sure to talk to your borrower about it. Now may be the right moment if you have funded your home with a variable interest mortgages (ARM) to ensure the safety of a lower interest bearing homeowner.

Funding a higher interest bearing mortgages could help you avoid costing yourself tens of millions over the lifetime of the loans. Are you interested in repaying your mortgages early? Maybe you can substitute your recent credit with a 15- or 20-year old home without having to increase your projected one-month fee. Projected payments are made on a $100,000 mortgages, amortised over one point over the years.

The rates provide a case study for a proposed acquisition of an old detached house in South Carolina. Prices are quoted per loan and are changeable at any moment. Prepared for a mortgages or a refi?

i Construction of long-term mortgage loans

You may have found your perfect plot of land, but the house currently on the plot is not exactly impressive. Combining this one-of-a-kind solution with our know-how is the perfect match for you. Our Construction-to-Permanent Mortgages business, developed for the demanding purchaser, enables our clients to benefit from our heritage and knowledge of the building sector.

Plus, you can benefit from the ease of just one transaction and credit processing where most other financial institutions would need two. Interest is only paid on the withdrawn capital during the building phase, usually 12 month less. Once the house is finished, the credit is converted directly into a traditional homeowner' s note.

Click here for more information on our Civil to Durable Mortgages products. Please refer to Frank Driscoll, NMLS # 779398, of our housing team for prices and specials.

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