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Be a Mortgage Broker in Great Britain

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Becoming a Mortgage Broker in Britain

When you' re looking for a professional shift, you can consider a mortgage business carreer. Being a mortgage advisor can be highly rewarding if you are enjoying advising individuals and helping them meet their financing needs. Find out how you can become a mortgage broker in the UK.

In order to become a mortgage broker, you have to do that: - Like to help others and give advice on finance, - Be focused on a prosperous job, - Have the wish to either become an associate or start your own company and work for yourself. To qualify, you must complete three key training units.

This includes UK financial regulation, mortgages and the valuation of mortgage advice and knowledge. At your own speed, you can work towards your own examination at your own rate, which means that you can keep up your present career while training as a mortgage broker. CIMAP is a 3 step qualifier in the Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF).

After passing the examination you have to reach the level of a qualified consultant. As soon as you have reached the level of a qualified consultant, you can work autonomously. After obtaining the qualification of a qualified consultant, you can continue your education for a Diploma in Diploma in Mortgage Advice and Practice (DipMAP).

It is a stage 4 skill, which means that it is approximately the same as a first course of studies. This training is aimed at mortgage consultants who wish to reaffirm their dedication to career advancement. DipMAP qualifications comprise two units: - Financial Services, Regulation and Ethics (FSRE) and - Advanced Mortgage Advice (AMA).

This course is intended for study over 370h.

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