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Best-of-bank Loan Interest rates

Search for the best Kansas home loans with our free local mortgage interest rate tool. Skip to how is the VA Home Loan interest rate calculated? - All creditors and all banks will set their own interest rates.

The interest rates are only available for new credits and can be changed at any moment.

The interest rates are only available for new credits and can be changed at any moment. At the end of the lock-up term, the loan is converted into the regular floating interest rat. Only interest payments are requiring authorisation. Clear Path Home Loan and Economy Home Loan is only available for new bank credit and is not available for refinancing or restructuring BOQs.

Temporary bank credit deals available from 18/07/02. Unavailable for pure interest rate credits. Unavailable for refinancing or restructuring BOQ loan, housing loan or self-managed superior funds loan. At least $150,000 in new credit for firmals.

The best house loan interest rate of the major bank

The Greater Bank mortgage loan is developed to help you realize your personal vision of home ownership. Our credit is great value, our credit is simple to use, and we are sure that we have the right loan for your needs. Variable3.72% p.a.4.10% p.a. 1 year Fix3.49% p.a.4.57% p.a. 2 years Fix3.69% p.a.4.54% p.a. 3 years Fix3.84% p.a.4.

Fixed3.99% p.a. 4 years Fixed4.55% p.a. 5 years Fixed3.99% p.a. 4.53% p.a. Variable4.25% p.a. 4.64% p.a. 1 year Fixed3. 69/% p.a.4.59% p.a. 2 years fix3.89% p.a.4.57% p.a. 3 years fix4.04% p.a.4.58% p.a. 4 years fix4.19% p.a.4.62% p.a.

a. Five years Fix4.19% p.a.4.61% p.a. Variable3.72% p.a.3.72% p.a.1 year Fix3.69% p.a.4.38% p.a. 2 year Fix3.74% p.a.4.32% p.a. 3 year Fix3.89% p.a.4.30% p.a. 4 year Fix4. Fixed4.09% p.a.4.30% p.a. Variable4.45% p.a.4.45% p.a. 1 year Fixed3.89% p.a.4.40% p.a. 2 years Fixed3.94% p.a.4.36% p.a. 3 years Fixed4.09% p.a.4.

36-% p.a. 4 years Fix4.29% p.a.4.40% p.a. 5 years Fix4.29% p.a.4.38% p.a. Variable5.29% p.a.A. Variable4.59% p.aN.A. Current clients requesting information on our Getaways/Standard variables Building saving rates please call 1300 721 253. Reduced rates apply to our Great Rate Home Loan and Ultimate Home Loan (applications of $150,000 or more) and Home Loans with an LGR of 90% or less and new credit only.

Beneficiaries who only qualify for interest receive a bonus of 0.10% p.a. over the stated Principal & Interest Rates. Discount is not available for the credit line loan. The new borrower is obliged to visit a branch of the major bank for an appointment. Have a look at our Key Fact Sheet on the mortgage lending business.

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