Best Mortgage Broker 2016

Best Mortgage Broker 2016

Looking for a great mortgage broker? The Top 100 Report of MPA Magazine is the final ranking of Australia's best brokers. Then the broker presents the best commercial mortgage options you can consider.

Featured author 2016

The Top Originators 2016 is the most complete and intensively validated of its kind in the mortgage sector. Should you have any queries or be interested in getting notification for next year's Top Originators tender, please let us know. HINWEIS: All our recent and past ranks are now available for search. The Top Originators 2016 is our 8th year round, in which we rank the best performing mortgage broker and banker in the country.

This was our biggest participant group since the start of this ranking in 2009, with almost 3,000 entries from 385 different organisations. Since then, the mortgage sector has experienced better days, as have our ranks - with higher output and many new faces. Every year we have extended our ranking to honour the best authors in the country.

In spite of the increased number of participants this year, we have maintained our strict review process to make sure that our ranks are as precise as possible to reflect the output of these top originals and to reflect market-trend. Continue reading to find out what the numbers tell us and who made the 2016 ranking.

Number 100 Broker 2016

The top 100 review of the journal is the final rankings of Australia's best broker. Chosen from among several hundred submissions, the Top 100 rankings present the best Australian brokerage firms in terms of their 2015/16 fiscal year outperformance. Most of the companies included in the 2016 rankings are located in New South Wales and Victoria, but the listing also covers agents from Queensland, Western Australia and the Australian Capital Territory.

MPAMortgage Professional Australia is the premier economic journal for the mortgage and financial industries. This remains the most important source for mortgage brokerage and sector experts to obtain detailed sector information, trend information, business analyses and information.

2016 Top 25 Brokerages - The Advisor

In order to be the best, you have to be the best - but how do you know who that is? Every year, The Adviser presents Australia's top 25 brokers in five key areas - broker efficiency, volume, number of transactions, transaction volume and credit history volume. Every year, the brokers who make the cuts demonstrate that they are well prepared in all areas of the deal and are far ahead of their competitors.

Our results show that The Adviser's Top 25 Brokerages had 2,653 Brokerages in 2015 and had a combined 153,670 mortgage clients. The broker profitability of each group is remarkable, with the typical borrower earning slightly more than $20 million in fiscal 2015 alone - an almost 10 percent rise over the previous year.

The top 25 brokerages generated a remarkable revenue of 53,210,807,089 US dollars. This year' s Top 25 Brokerages are of course home to an élite group of people - and together they cover some of the most powerful and hardest companies in the state. Together they exemplify what is critical in the mortgage business - an insistence on success and a driving force to go beyond that for the client.

The Adviser presents the Top 25 Brokerages of Australia. The top broker is efficiently, effectively, professionally and sympathetically. Knowing that brothering is more than a set of businesses, it is about building stronger, long-term relations with clients, referees, lenders as well as aggregate partners. There is no changing in the quality of top quality brokers, but each year the credit landscape changes, and top quality brokerages are characterised by their knowledge of sector developments and their ability to advise clients on how changes in regulation can affect them.

In the name of NAB Broker I would like to thank all brokers on the following pages for their work. The main distinction between Smartline and Smartline is that it offers excellent individual services and competent guidance from our dedicated broker management team of qualified and experienced consultants.

These include an industry-leading consultant education and assistance programme that enables them to provide excellent services and develop profitable companies. Activities include continuing education seminars, peak information-sharing sessions, tech boot camps, a nationwide online seminar programme, a nationwide consultant convention and a leadership platform for top performance.

Smartline Personal Mortgage Advisers also has a strict new broker recruitment and test procedure that is supported by an extensive first year career advancement programme that comprises introductory schooling, an expert Smartline Adviser mentor, a first 90-day programme and a 12-month coached programme by an independent certified senior executive.

Q. The Smartline Personal Mortgage Consultants has been in operation for 17 years. Q. Smartline Personal Mortgage Advisers is national. The Smartline Personal Mortgage Advisers headquarters are located in Sydney. Headquarters supports the consultants in a number of core areas, which include credit, IT, on-boarding and merchandising. Corporate Offices employees work in close collaboration with State Executives and Heads of Frank Finance to administer the Consultant Education and Help Programme, solve any problems with Consultants and deliver general counsel.

Q. In the last 12 month, Mortgage Choice has succeeded in increasing both the broker and the number of employees. This brand visibility enables us to supply our brokerage firms with a constant flow of lead - a compelling advantage they find very appealing. Furthermore, by implementing the advisory finance franchise, we are providing our brokerage professionals with all the instruments they need to build long-term and sustainable client relations - resulting in a win-win situation for them and their company.

Q. Over the past 12 month, what has Mortgage Selection done to increase its profile/brand among consumer? Second, we have worked with our brokerage partners to create more than ever before locally produced promotional materials. Third, we have raised the number of agents working at retailers' outlets, which has led to an increase in our recognition of the name.

Q. Which are the three key features a broking company must have in order to be a success? Q. What do you think the futures hold for broker and broker in general? Looking to the distant past, mortgage intermediaries have a promising outlook. Now, more than ever, borrower need a pro to lead them through the mortgage labyrinth.

Q. Which are the key objectives for Mortgage Selection in the next 12 month and how do you plan to reach them? Australian who's gonna keep it going great? Luckily, with nearly 25 years of experience, Aussie is not a company that needs revolutions, only evolutions, and that's what we've focused on to make sure our brokerage community evolves year after year.

Aussie's mission is to be the best home loans company in the world. Our deep-rooted core of " secure, intelligent and specific " is our mission and our core value that drives and permeates the whole of our operations from headquarters to our local agents. It is this mindset and our commitment to exceed our customers' needs that I believe really help us earn distinctions like these year after year.

We continue to make significant investments in our equipment and technologies to make sure that our brokerage firms can run their business as smoothly and effectively as possible. These investments pay off through the expansion of our team and the increase of our own production and our own performance. Today, the Australian market averages over $6 million a month, with some of our top shops over $30 million a year.

We focus on doing everything in our power to help our brokerages and increase that number more and more. Q. What are the fundamentals that you believe need to be in place for your business to be effective? Though I believe you can be educated in security interest and approval and you can understanding the determination, what distinguishes achiever from advantage in my product is a product motivation that is unyielding, a consumer emotionality that is practice, and an abstraction faculty to follow to be the attempt you can be.

Q. How do you advise the other brokerage houses out there - from the big ones to the one-man band - to be their success? My guess is that the prospects are very promising, and I think it' s an intelligent thing to build a mortgage brokerage company and a mortgage brokerage company. In the meantime, mortgage brokerage accounts for between 50 and 55 percent of all mortgage streams in Australia.

Trustworthy, brand-protected brokerage houses are well placed to take full account of this opportunity for expansion, and that is precisely why we want brokerage firms to think about how to deal with it. Intelligent vegetation is certainly the key for the Aussies. It is our aim to grow the number of branches to 300 within the next four to five years, to raise the number of Australian mortgage brokerage firms, to make them more efficient and to create enthusiastic supporters for our clients.

Exclusion of liability: The consultant has initiated a procedure to guarantee the correctness of the information used to draft the Top 25 Brokerage 2016 Rankings.

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