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When you buy a property for rent, you must purchase a buy-to-lease mortgage. You can compare buy-to-lease mortgages and diversify your income with just a few clicks. Check out our competitive Buy to Let rates or a Memorandum of Understanding and find out how much we can lend you.

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Build-to-let (BTL) mortgage loans are for lessors who buy real estate to let it.... Buy-to-let mortgage terms are similar to those for ordinary mortgage terms, but there are some important variations. Buy-to-Lease Mortgage Who Can Get a Buy-to-Lease Mortgage? Buy-to-Lease Mortgage How Do They Work? Buy-to-Lease Mortgage Who Can Get a Buy-to-Lease Mortgage? They can get a buy-to-let mortgage if: you can afford to take a risk: the investment in real estate is risky, so you should not take out a BTL mortgage if you can't afford to take the chance. They are under a certain age: creditors have top ages, usually between 70 or 75.

Thats the oldest you can be if the mortgage doesn't end when it begins. If you are 45 years old, for example, if you take out a 25-year mortgage, it will end when you are 70 years old. Buy-to-Lease Mortgage How Do They Work? The buy-to-let mortgage is a great deal like normal mortgage, but with some keys differences:

The interest rate for buy-to-lease mortgage loans is usually higher. As a rule, the minimal investment for a buy-to-lease mortgage is 25% of the value of the real estate (although it can fluctuate between 20-40%). The majority of BTL mortgage loans are for interest only. That means that you don't need to make any payments every single monthly, but at the end of the mortgage period you fully reimburse the principal.

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) does not regulate most BTL mortgage loans. Derogations apply, for example, if you want to rent the ownership to a nearby member of your household (e.g. your husband, wife, life partner, children, grandparents, parents or siblings). They are often described as retail purchases for the rental of mortgage loans and valued according to the same stringent affordable standards as a private mortgage.

If you take out a BTL mortgage from an FCA authorized lending institution, they will be expected be able to reasonably handle you. Creditors usually need the lease revenue to be 25-30% higher than your mortgage payout. In order to find out what your lease might be, speak with your nearest leasing agency, or look in the newspaper and your nearest property search engine to find out how many similar objects are leased for.

The majority of the major financial institutions and some specialized lending institutions provide BTL mortgage facilities. It is a good idea to speak to a mortgage agent before you take out a buy-to-lease mortgage as they will help you select the most appropriate business for you. Comparative pages are a good place to start for anyone trying to find a mortgage that suits their needs.

To compare mortgage loans, we suggest the following websites: Don't expect your real estate to always have a tenant. Obviously there will be "gaps" if the flat is vacant or the rental is not payed, and you must have a monetary "cushion" to cover your mortgage payment. Don't be caught in the pitfall of supposing that you will be able to resell the real estate to pay back the mortgage.

You may not be able to resell as much as you might have expected if home values fell. When this happens, you will be let to make up for the difference on the mortgage. Selling your buy-to-let real estate at a loss means paying capital gains tax if your income goes above the limit of the yearly capital gains tax, which opens in a new browser screen.

Rent revenues that exceed your mortgage interest and certain deductible expenditures are also subject to tax.

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