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Check out the weather forecast from Carate Brianza. Carate flights from airlines such as American Airlines, Delta, United, JetBlue, Frontier and others. svn Corcovado National Park Encircled by luxuriant virgin rain forests, one of Costa Rica's best-kept mysteries is often said to be Carate...

. Here in Carate you have the chance to see the Pacific Ridley tortoises, the leatherback tortoises, the greenshell tortoises and the falcon's beak tortoises, come on land to take a rest and egg their nests on the shore, and get a look at death's head seals in the surrounding saplings.

Designed as the definitive vacation for lovers of the outdoors, Calate has some remote hotel, resort, lodge and tourist accommodation with a taste for adventures. You can go trekking around the island of Caño, go ocean angling or, if you like, go diving close to the untouched water of the island of Caño.

It is best to travel to Carate by air, as the city has a regional airfield that flies regularly to San Jose. If you wish, you can also go to Puerto Jimenez, from where you can hire a 4x4 cab to carry you to Calate, a long way behind the Golfo Dulce Forest Reserve.

If you are in Carate, head to breathtaking Playa Madrigal, a relatively secluded sandy area a few kilometres away.

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