Can you Refinance a second Mortgage

Is it possible to refinance a second mortgage?

Refinancing may in some cases also allow the consolidation of the first and second mortgage into a single loan. When refinancing your second mortgage, the first step is to determine whether it will prove to be a financial advantage for you or not. The refinancing of your second mortgage could help you secure a lower monthly payment.

Refinancing if you have a 2. mortgage

With a home equity home loans or home equity line of credit, when you try to refinance your mortgage, another level of difficulty is added to the authorization as well. This is because the second mortgage creditor, who is the legal owner of the right to take the first place in the refinancing of the first mortgage, must consent to surrender this place to the refill creditor.

There are three ways you can make a Resubordination agreement if you are unable to do so. Pays off the second mortgage. Consolidated both loan with the second mortgage provider. Refinanciers generally choose the path of re-subordination, even if it may take a while and often involve commission. Restubordination regulations differ for Home Finance Program (HARP) credits.

Prior to refinancing your prime mortgage, a creditor must file a submission packet - all documentation that supports the application - with the organization that holds your home loan or your line of credit. 2. Its second mortgage bank usually charged a $75 to $100 charge to check the parcel, says Anne Benjamin, chief operational Officer of the Redwood credit union in Santa Rosa, California.

Except when there are queries about the value of the house, Redwood's re-subordination inquiries to second pledgees are rarely rejected, says Benjamin. If such problems arise, it is unlikely that the cooperative will initially transmit the future refinancier's inquiry. The HARP allows house owners to refinance their mortgage even if they debt more than their homes are valuable.

One of the changes is to eliminate the obstacle to re-subordination for many second mortgage claimants. HARP will continue to be available only to home owners whose mortgage is owned or warranted by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac. "Each of the major creditors has reached an agreement to restructure their second lien," says Stefanie Johnson, a spokesperson at the Federal Housing Finance Agency's Congress Bureau, which governs Fannie and Freddie.

However, Natalie Brown, Wells Fargo Home Equity Group spokesperson, says her bench is still checking the rules to see if it agrees to take second place behind the new HARP lending. Well Fargo already approval most of the re-subordination collection it faculty receive from HARP debt politician in the point writing, Brown opportunity.

"She says that the few circumstances that would cause us to refuse the application for submission are when there are changes in the real estate properties (e.g. changes in the transfer of collateral) or when the owner of a homeowner' s bank accounts are not on the security of the mortgage being repaid. Wells Fargo Wells Fargo usually handles HARP subpoenas within two working day, and calculates between $50 and $150 commission.

When your home equity borrower says "no" to re-subordination, but you still want to refinance, one option would be to repay the second mortgage. According to Benjamin, Redwood Credit Union will discuss the viability of such a measure with its members. "You can come back and see if there's another kind of mortgage we could do for the member who would disburse the second mortgage in the trial - or the member could choose not to proceed with the refinancing," she says.

BROWN says you should first be aware of the borrowing requirement and the cost of closure, but the funding mortgage provider could suggest adding the capital titles to the funded mortgage. "In essence, they are requesting a new mortgage, and there is a possibility that the present terms of reference are narrower today than when the initial mortgage was obtained," she cautions.

You should also check the amount of your new individual credit for your month and your interest rate over the term of the credit against what you have now. According to Valerie Cardenas, vice general manager of mortgage lending at the International Bank of Commerce in McAllen, Texas, borrower consolidation often benefits borrower because interest on home mortgages is higher than today's prime mortgage interest rate.

But, if your second mortgage has a fairly low equilibrium, it might not be worth what is costs of combination of loans. After all, it is possible to keep both credits unchanged instead of funding them.

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