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One Cendera Funding Mtg in Dallas sold our loan to Capital Mortgage without informing us in advance. Mortgage Funding is a mortgage bank based in Southfield, Michigan. Since 1986 working for the mortgage industry A lean, practical mortgage business model enables us to make meaningful choices. It can be confusing in these tumultuous days to see your credit transfers from place to place. Our company prides itself on delivering the highest level of client care and building close business relations with our customers.

For our customers, we offer the convenience of the knowledge that when their credit arrives, we will be able to offer the full term credit facility.

Financing your next home with Mortgage Banking Professionals gives you low interest rate, fast decisions and after sales services that few others can achieve.

Mortgage Capital - 17 reviews - mortgage lenders - 4212 Fifty th St, Lubbock, TX - telephone number

I recently tried to make my payments, but the website didn't work and I couldn't get anyone to speak to on the telephone. Your service line should be dismissed. Callers to Customer Service are forwarded to voicemails. Nevertheless, if you come too late, I am sure that you would answer immediately with juridical and with folks who come after you, not to speak of a quick "thinging" of your loan.

To say nothing of the fact that they have modified their website and for reasons I am unaware I cannot login to my bankroll to make an on-line deposit. Without support and without anyone contacting you, what should I do now? I' ve been trying to make my 10-day pay.

Telephones will not be replied to, e-mails will not be replied to, the telephone call facility is deactivated..... I' ve established auto-pay, my initial payout came out on the 1. as usual and today I am pulling up my banking and I am have taken out a second payout on the 10th!

Really frightening that this is who my mortgage is with! There were some unfortunate issues with my ability to pay my bill on-line. Received a CM website via email and the chief executive phoned and help me get my money on schedule. Personally, I have the feeling that the chief executive himself is calling me shows that this firm actually takes care of them, not just treating them like a number.

Thanks, Royce Lewis, for taking the trouble to help me today. I' ve had my home loans sell several and a half years. Mortgage Capital has the best client experience yet. You don't even give us the salary to cover your mortgage. Twenty day and still no reply and we cannot conclude our credit with the other creditor, because these guys who keep the salary and always offer us their better one.

Home mortgage is the one of Siwell's DBAs, poorer mortgage bank we have ever employed. One Cendera Funding Mtg in Dallas divested our debt to Capital Mortgage without notifying us in advance. Capital Mortgage would then not be sending the payout if we were selling our home and almost maintaining the relocation procedure.

On several occasions, we have called the only number for Capital Mortgage that is included as "Receptionist Desk" at Capital Mortgage. Nobody at Capital is gonna call us back. Tonight we got the news that Capital is using our trust account funds to buy USAA home contents coverage for the house we were selling and we no longer have USAA home contents coverage.

One of the lead companies alerted us that the purchase of our home capital is not ethically justifiable, and we would have to really bully them to ever see our cash. Thanks Cendera Mtg, also another business that we will not use again for sales of our loans to a business with a story as a thief!

DON'T let Capital Mortgage take your credit. Horrible client services. I gave up after five telephone conversations. Unsurprisingly, this firm has 1* ratings. Could I value 0 asterisks I would if I could type negatively I would probably even put a -3 you can't get to someone I got an appraisal of my tax and I was trying to get in touch with folks and just leave a large number of ads there for over two week was nothing I could do to get a grip of them I was so terribly disappointed until I was pissed on the telephone they eventually got back to me on my next home we wouldn't use this lending EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!

Terrible client services keep away from this business. There was a note from my insurer saying that I would be canceled because Capital Mortgage had not sent my payment in the last 10 month. Even more serious is the support I got when I tried to solve this with them.

I took over my credit from another firm at the end of December. Submitted payments then got Feb statements a few statement to Jan showing that overdue. There is no way to create an affiliate bank on line. The telephone boom is a terrible dream. I' ll probably look for a credit elsewhere, even if it means I have to bear the cost of refinancing.

SO THEY CAN PLAY THE GAME: LISTEN: Choose Collection in the automatic collection screen and then the options where you cannot make the payments on-line. Absolutely the poorest business in the whole wide kingdom! I have one months in advance a repayment announcement request, the next morning - no repayment amount to pay!

So how can you be so incompetent and still run a store? terrible, leaving them a note every single morning for a whole weeks and nobody ever gets back. And the owner quit taking my call, when I try to call, he just let it go to vm. can't even talk to someone there.

Wish my mortgage wasn't with that terrible firm. Be sure to ship your money 2 week before the due date. You want to comfortably tick off your P.O. account after the fifteenth of the monthly and then you are too late, even if you sent your money much earlier than planned.

If you can call them and actually speak to someone, they will tell you that it is up to you to make sure that the money reaches you on schedule. You don't have to worry about checking your mailbox once a month and you will be too late if you miss your regular review. They took the necessary amount of patience to make the payout work.

They also charge a delay charge for closure as part of the payout. Once she said to me that a new cheque had been issued and that FedX'ed would be made available to me the next one. and several more telephone conversations and nothing. They were less than $100, but they're still not an honorable corporation.

When your credit is purchased by CMS, re-finance as soon as possible....

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