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The Coldwell Banker mortgage login and invoice payment links, customer support, service, support and contact information. Tops 21 ratings and complaints about Coldwell Banker Mortgage with our Laffey Royal Property agents Christine. One of the things we said to vendors and realtor Gail ** was that my folks would close their house in Brentwood, where they had been living on perfectly good loans for 45 years. Vendor and realtor Gail ** declined to mail these documents for the fear that they would be misplaced by attorneys.

Patchogue, which is next to Coldwell Bankers, and signs a document that, when I returned this letter, declared that I would get 500. Your attorney actually concurred with me that this was not necessary, but at the request of Gail, the operative, he did.

Coldwell Bankers firm has broken the deal and my confidence in this Patchogue property firm. In her name I also appealed on 20.9.17 one last times to the proprietor of this office to please have a conversation with Gail and her attorney that this is not lawful to violate this agreement.

It went on to now use this 2 nd occasion of using cash to rig the result of this sales and emotionally return us for something we really haven't done. from Coldwell Banker to resell our house. We then get a telephone call from a prospective purchaser telling us that they were asking about our house and that the realtor was telling them that they were not sure if it was a second house, not sure if someone was living in it, etc. We then get a call from a prospective purchaser who said that they were asking about our house and that the realtor was telling them that they were not sure if it was a second house, not sure if someone was living in it, etc.

who took over the home sales. And she came to our place. Immediately I said to her, "We don't need your services anymore. We' ll find a serious realtor who knows what he's doing. "Quite some times passes and we note that Coldwell Banker puts on line images of our home from 10 years ago published by the former proprietors.

So, in my view, Coldwell Banker in Farmington, Maine is trying to raid the sales of my house. Think it'?s kind of a shame a firm has to do these things. Contact the Sages if you want to buy your house in Western Maine from COLDWELL BANKER IN FARMINGTON, MAINE!!!!!!!.

Whenever I talk to a sales rep, I'm always reminded of something else. There' s an operative who says I have certain papers I don't have. Next operative says I'm still out. After requesting a check-up, I was informed twice that everything had been clarified and that the check-up would be ordered. Then the next interviewer I talked to said that I was lacking a paper to inspect, but everything else was fine.

Following the third shipment, the final inspections were concluded. Today for the first for the first times I was informed that two documents are needed before this amount can be used. It appears that Coldwell Banker mortgages are managed by PHH Mortgage. It' good to find out unexpectedly after a telephone call that my money hasn't arrived.

It is about the second or third occasion that my money is not due until the 21 of the following months, when the money is sent by the banks on 1 January. My other repayments will be made within a few working day. Disgrace yourself, Coldwell Banker and PHH, whatever you are!

Due to my own personal problems, I finally resolved to put my home on the shelves. was Jeff ** from the Coldwell Banker in Denver. Jeff said I needed about $130,000 and the list amount would bring me near that amount. It was at this point that I explained to Jeff that I had been given an $12,000 policy statement to pay for the replacement of the rooftop and asked him if the rooftop had to be repaired before my home was for sale.

I used the cash I got from the insurer to renovate the inside of the building, and I said to Jeff that I didn't want to pay for the building anymore. Soon after the agreement was signed, the purchasers looked for an assurance of the home and the insurer and "no insurer," my agency Jeff ** said, which would cover my home for every purchaser.

As Jeff said he had over 800 homes on sale, he did not know that there were official records of accounts and that this would be done. I' ve talked to other operatives who have said to me that this is what is meant and should be anticipated. Jeff said I wouldn't change the stove, I couldn't buy it.

And so he phoned the shoppers and said it to them. in a lyric that........................ Said that he would be paying the stove out of his fee, so I would still go with the $119,000.

Whilst this case is not criminally motivated and I have no foot on which to lean to keep my home on a valued property exchange. And I want the consumer to know that if you're working with Jeff ** or think about working with him. He will tell you that he doesn't take any notice of the cash if he works all the while to give your purchaser everything and everyone he wants, at your cost, even if you are almost in a bankruptcy state.

This is not the first protocol I have ever discussed with the Coldwell banker, all their operatives will call you boyfriend and boyfriend and try to make you believe that they are not worried about controlling commissions. Buyers and sellers must be careful of Coldwell bankers. For 14 years, he ran a signage firm.

It is not my intent here to annihilate Jeff **, but I can tell you that his only intent is to make a sale and receive the provision. of Coldwell Banker? We' ve just gone to Dallas area and I have taken our broker's naive advise to fund our mortgage through borrower's loans and it has become an expensive nightmare.

This was due to a changed my rating due to delayed payments by my bank account. Trying to talk to Kim and her Florida executive they were very impolite to know that I had no other way to fund my home on schedule.

Moreover, they demand tremendous paperwork during the trial, unlike all other mortgage banks. Eventually because of the finite amount of timeframe I have adopted their mandatory interest rates and end the paying much of the high monthly pay that awaits next chance to refinance my mortgage. When you want a mortgage and don't want to be cheated, try to prevent Coldwell Banker at all cost.

Using borrower's rights to buy a house, we took naive advantage of our real estate agent's help to fund our mortgage through borrower's rights. You are asking for huge amounts of red tape, unlike any other mortgage transaction I have ever gone through or ever learned of. Thats because they are planning to sale my Jumboprime mortgage, the second they license it, so let's skip through tapes no legal bench would ever do.

When you want a mortgage and don't want to be torn, try to prevent Coldwell Bankers at all cost. Our company was resold and the lawyer's firm sent the payment cheque (overnighted UPS) - OVER TWO OFEEKS AGO. Cheque from Mortgage Service Center but seems to have gone missing.

It'?s not been redeemed, and our mortgage hasn't been repaid. Mortgage payments were then attracted to the first of the months! I' ve been calling the support line (abroad) three consecutive times and I'm NOT getting any replies except that they will be sending an "e-mail" about it. On the phone to the Coldwell Services Centre to talk about the removal of my trust bank and I was informed that I would only have to subscribe if I was okay.

I was sent a note telling me that there was a charge for it that I had not been informed of during my call to get rid of that charge, and I phoned back to see what it was good for. I' d never use that firm again. and I wanted a postponement to just a month's pay.

You said I couldn't make the money, but I'm billed a later fee, it goes to the loan office, but I could make extra money for six month. I' ve spoken to other folks with mortgage loans and they said they were entitled to 2 deferrals altogether. There is a note from me saying that my cover on my house has expired since February 2012.

I' ve phoned them several numbers to give them information about my insurer (MetLife), and even held teleconferences to clarify that. Every second I thought this was going to be fixed, both firms kept saying that the other one was dropping the bullet. Going on, I always made my home repayments on schedule, including tax and insurances; and without my knowledge the problem was never fixed.

You (( CB ) claim that I ignored deeds, which I didn't do because I phoned them when I got one; but they never tried to call me. You have now hit a debit of $3,014 to my mortgage bank for default for 2012 and again for 2013 for non-payment of policy.

Can' t get them to clear these accusations, and that will drive me into insolvency; and I probably will loose my home. I' m about to buy an SAFECO product and expect the permission of my new one. Said I should ask my insurer (ML) to update my policies retroactively.... in the knowledge that they wouldn't do it.

Every one of my mortgage payments (including tax and insurance) I punctually make them every one of my months. That' s delinquent that they can "backdate" bonuses and add them to my mortgage, and I can't do anything about it. Received the itemization of all points of our policy, including a recurring mortgage primary insurer fee.

It was $48. 64 a flat for 10 time period or until the security interest got a indisputable proportion low than what we indebtedness. So as the past few weeks passed and we made our purchases, I resolved to go on-line and make a purchase instead of mailing it. I' ve gotten in touch with the Coldwell banker and I' m complaining.

The title firm was in contact with me and I had the complete agreement sent to me. She was kind enough to tell me that Coldwell Banker could not raise my PMI due to the amount stipulated in the agreement and did not indicate any words that they could do so. And after 3 month of calling Coldwell Banker, they fixed the issue and gave me half the amount they paid me back.

Calling and complaining again, writing to the Bureau, nothing came out. We fought against the worker's indemnity and we got into arrears with our invoices, but we always did pay the mortgage. It was all piling up and we eventually had to declare ourselves bankrupt; however, we reorganised our debts for 3 years and they were eventually cancelled in September. Now, in February 2013, Coldwell Banker has still not upgraded their system and they have debited me various sums from our bankroll.

So when they phoned, they said it was about paying their legal bills. It was forbidden to bill me for legal expenses. I' ve been charged several bills and my mortgage repayments show a lack of money that has been subtracted from my checking accounts. It' s now 4 months and I still haven't got the breakdowns of these so-called charges.

and yet, "I'm gonna let this thing get out of hand, ma'am. Our client services centre is located in India, so I can't talk to anyone in the real world! When my man began the refinancing with Coldwell, he was never said that we would actually be eligible for the FHA streamlined refinancing facility, where there were no charges and no expert opinions.

It' still more sensible for us to pull out and go with the de facto FHA stromline loan facility (definitely by another lender), but I frowned on Coldwell Banker for being dishonest and would have been expecting more as they are a well-known, large comany. At Quicken Loans my customers went on-line and got the message that they meet the requirements for a Quicken Loans from them.

Sarah ** phoned to imagine herself as the one who is processing our bankroll number **. Sara, who knew nothing about it and would be the first one to deal with it. We' ve never even met her and my customers have got a credit from a "legitimate" credit bureau, Mortgage Masters, and we are closing this up.

Coldwell Banker Mortgage was approached to ask if we would be eligible for the Home Finance Upgrade Facility (to get the credit started, we went to the federal website that stated Home Finance Upgrade and it says that if we didn't know if we qualified for the mortgage, we would call our mortgage bank).

Rebecca ** said to us that we would and were authorized by telephone in advance. It was also said to us that all charges would be exempt and that we would only have to bear closure charges which would cover review, fiduciary scarcity, overnight money and security fee. If we were within a weeks or two after the closure and after an expert came to the home, we were said that we did not get the credit because we are currently holding a VA-lend.

The last we learned from Rebecca at the beginning of October was that she had made a claim for restitution to the President's office and that we should be hearing the result within a week. What is more, she had said that she had not been able to do so for a while. Nor were they able to get Coldwell Banker to reply, so they ended the case and downgraded the company's creditworthiness.

It was Rebecca who said that she had reviewed the Sallie Mae system herself and that we had qualified for Home Affairs Refinance on the basis of what she saw in the system. Later when she phoned and said we hadn't qualified, she said there must have been a flaw in the system.

And we trusted the expert opinion of CBM (as the website of the federal administration was telling us), which was apparently false. Received a rental agreement for a real estate in Slidell, LA, for use by the Coldwell Banker Company, Agent Mike ***. This concern was raised with Mike *** on 15 June 2010. Signing the rental agreement, I gave the realtor a $1300 cheque as a down payment on the real estate.

The cheque was said to be used only on July 1. I went on the premises on June 30, 2010 to make sure it was prepared for my move in. Most of the equipment was not working and I found that the building was in a dirty state. Mir was said that the repair would have to take a few days because the owners were too occupied to react.

As I had cancelled my current flat on 1 July 2010, I was obliged to inform the estate agent Mike *** that the flat was not suitable for the residential area and that I cancelled the tenancy agreement for the new flat and cancelled the cancelled eviction for my flat. Immediately I went to my own account to stop paying the $1300 Deposit Cheque and realized that it had already been paid on June 22, despite the agent's pledge to the contrary. A $1300 cheque had already been paid on June 22.

So far the down payment has not been repaid and the landlord is trying to suing me for the $7150 expedited rent even though the home is still useless and I have not moved in. Mud is flushed away under the building as the showers are on the floor.

I' m informed that the canal is leaky and that's why the entrance sank. The only thing I've been informed is that the vendors aren't taking it anymore. I' m said that everything is so damp under the place that mushrooms could be in the sky when the last lessee dies. At the time I was signing my mortgage documentation, the amount of money kept in my real estate deposit wasn't very valued to make my deposit more attractive to me.

From June 5, Lee of Caldwell Banker informed me that my home had been for sale. It was said that the papers would be due for signature on the eighteenth. Later in the night of the eighteenth I was informed by Patty that Mann Mortgage did not have the information about the tsunami protection and the area.

All the documentation, up to and large scale certificate and information about the deluge zones, I had sent to the brokers (Lee& Patricia - my brokers / Bob - as representative of the pair who buys the house). Real estate agent Bob (who represents the pair that buys the house) said he had forgotten to give them information about the tidal area, insurances and certifications.

Mortgage bank said by the end of the day they got the writing that was aft June 20, 2008, it denatured the finance of the debt and the family no personqualifies. Can' afford both rents and mortgages. Mortgage bank participating is Mann Mortgage, Reno, NV.

They say they pulled off a credentials statement in march that has something on it that dropped my notch and therefore they have the right to alter case thoughts that I have a rates latch character and 2 good credence appraisals.

As my closure is in 3 workingdays and I will close my actual home in the morning, I have no other option but to do this. Valuation for the smaller home came in $9000 less than two years ago. The bigger building appreciated less than the neighbouring one - with the same layout with less space and less space.

I have a real estate agent and the " comps " (comparisons of the value of neighbourhood real estate made in determining the sale prices of houses) show the bigger houses more than $24,000 below it. Coldwell Banker Mortgage Service Manager for the Northern Texas area, John W, does not call back to his home town.

All of a sudden, everyone at Coldwell who was kind and available six months ago has become detached and overbearing. More, if you consider that we would not have to deposit the tax and insurances for the larger one. Saving on the two mortgage loans would have permitted us to be free of debts in thirteen month.

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