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The best mortgages compare

Now Google wants to offer you the best mortgages. Google, the global leader in home finance, has this past weekend extended its range of finance products by giving home buyers in California the ability to compare and compare mortgages. After the first announcement in May, the comparator has now been extended to include information on home loan products. "Purchasing a home is an important pecuniary choice - so when it comes to obtaining a home loan, individuals want an easier way to comprehend and compare their choices online," Google said in a blog post on its newssite on Monday.

Forecasting that almost every second borrower is still not buying for their mortgages, Google created the tools to help individuals "make more sound business choices. He said that after its launch in California it would be introduced into other US states. "No matter if you're a domestic borrower or a California resident, you can now find mortgages on your smart phone or your computer screen, along with a real-time cross-check of interest rates quoted by other providers - all in a minute," he added.

This follows a step in a mortgages calculation software that was introduced in February of this year. This new service has been available in the UK for several years, where the real estate sector - and its regulations - is very diverse, with an oversupply of similar tooling all of which compete on the open markets.

According to the UK based equivalent of the general comparator tools - which include auto and personal accident insurers - 51 per cent of Google Compare customers could potentially spend up to 205.26 ($310) and 80 per cent of consumer spending could spend up to 74.54 by relying on this year' Consumer Intelligence research by an independently conducted on-line research group.

"She added, "Many creditors are trying to figure out how best to meet the needs of the technologically literate generations who favor shopping on-line and managing accounts," she said.

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