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In order to determine whether you can save on a lower mortgage rate, use our calculator to compare the monthly interest savings with the cost of refinancing. Further mortgage computers What is the actual value of your house? How much is the remainder of your mortgage? Why do you want to refinance? How much capital (cash) do you want to have?

We are a prime mortgage rate finder for Canada. Help us help you get the best interest rates for your new mortgage.

On the basis of your entries, we have calculated your mortgage amount and the amount of the mortgage left. You are currently making a mortgage payment: Your mortgage payments have been calculated on the basis of the above information. If you have taken full benefit of your advance option, please adapt: your mortgage remainder: This is the amount of your initial (existing) mortgage on the date you plan to refinance.

Exclusion of liability: Please be aware that the results of the calculations are estimated on the basis of our most recent information obtained from the lenders' public methodologies and first-hand financial statements. Please consult your creditor directly for an accurate fine estimate. sponsored by: These are two major considerations you would consider performing a refinancing, the first to lower your current mortgage interest and the second to tap the capital (or cash) you have accumulated in your home.

In order to see if you can make a saving on a lower mortgage interest you can use our calculator to compare the interest saved each month with the refinancing charges. Since most mortgage broker and mortgage lenders are going to recover your attorney's fees, the only expenses you need to be worried about are your mortgage breakage fine. These penalties are imposed by your creditor for early termination and are calculated on the basis of your initial contractual date and the mortgage amount and interest rates.

When you are considering refinancing to gain home equity you are not alone. Last year, according to the Association of Mortgage Professionals, 10% of Canada's mortgage owners resorted to an annual home loan of $49,000 in home loan capital. Most of this capital was used for consolidating debts or renovating apartments.

The first thing you want to decide when funding your own capital is the amount of capital you can use. Mortgage creditors in Canada can claim a mortgage of up to 80% of their home value less any mortgage overdue. Sadly, having recourse to this capital is costly - your creditor will impose a fine on you for early termination of your mortgage.

When you refinance in an interest rates declining marketplace, you may be able to use interest saving as a rebate.

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