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Review of the consumer mortgage company's complaint: Houston Texas Consumer Mortgage Society deceptive practices. Houston mortgage broker, TX. An experienced mortgage broker with competitive prices for home purchases, mortgage refinancing and home loans in New Jersey.

In addition, we have several non-agency and credit product portfolios.

Furthermore, we have several non-agency and credit product portfolios. Furthermore, if you are HARP-capable (do not have enough capital to carry out periodic refinancing), we have both Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac HARP product at very competitively priced prices. And if you're interested in shortening the life of your mortgage, the 15- and 10-year interest rate is still close to historical highs, we provide real estate rentals at very competitive prices.

As a result, we are able to provide you with the best prices for all kinds of credit programmes, including: Thirty years of mortgage, twenty years of mortgage, fifteen years of mortgage, ten years of mortgage, one year of risk management system, three years of risk management system, five years of risk management system and seven years of risk management system. We also provide home equity lines of credit, home equity lines of credit, fixed installment 2 nd mortgage, FHA, USDA, FHA reverse mortgage and business credit.

Regardless of whether your credit situation requires non-owner-occupied (investor), holiday home or apartment building, we also provide credit programmes that meet these needs.

4608 Nolda St, Houston, TX 77007

Evaluate this deal! Given the fact that this is a second opportunity financial firm, they were really good at working with.... and you know, altogether after 30 month I have to say, they make the checkout simple.... They took Nisan Sentra, which was tailor-made by me after they missed a number.

It was offered to make this settlement and 3000. I' d been too slow, but I never forgot to make a payoff. Those folks are up to date credit criminals who want to keep selling the same vehicle to different folks, get a new deposit and new payee. It' s like a monopolies match where you are selling the same figures to different persons.

That makes the enterprise successful, but the human beings are suffering. So please notify the better office so we can help others. Again, don't do deals with these guys. That'?s very impolite personnel and complete thieves. Terrible, terrible experiance! Those girls in the payments section are gross!

Okay, so yes, the missus informed me that I was too behind with my number. Sixteen and a half years later, I made my payments without any problems. I was able to make the payments on the date I promised them. It'?s just the way everybody?s been through it. There is no such thing as after sales services.

There are some very impolite women here. A HORRIBLE HORRIBLE Custome Help Desk I phoned today and talked to Ramona who was EXTREMELY RUD to me for no good cause when I said to her that she was impolite, her precise words were "it doesn't make any difference what you think...we don't have any support here", I almost fainted, I couldn't believe she was talking those words to me on the telephone.

{\pos (192,210)}I said to her that I would be praying for her...smh...UNBELIEVABLE that someone could be ridiculously impolite. until I talked to Dolores this mornin'. And I tried to be polite to tell her that she was impolite and that she might have to fix that as the days had just begun.

Well, if they' been complainin' about this for so long, they really should fire 'em. It'?s a terrible firm, very impolite women. That woman there pretends she gave me the cash to pay for my ride. I don't own you. I own the firm you work for. I wish I'd seen those reviewers before I did deals with those guys.

It'?s very impolite of women to work here, I... . If you don't like your work, just cancel, not my blame, that you work for garbage, I'll make sure that this firm is blacklisted by the army. Terrible wait! When I asked to reset them to the originals, I got the poorest setting ever... I thought it would, but it's getting bader....

So when they sent a letter to Cmc for possible annulment, the threat started. Your support is terrible and I wouldn't recommend it to my worse foe! Whenever I ask for help, they're just very impolite souls!

It is not worth this undertaking.... It'?s a firm that deserves NO STARS!!!! HEARTLESS, RUSTIC HUMANS!!!!! So we were only 1 months late when my man was fired and just started another career that was told them with a commitment date in just 3 day's overdue pay, and yet they still chose to do REPO!!

I' m BIN GLAD THEY DID TOO, so we'll never have to hang out with these guys again. Humorous thing we went to bring belongings from the place where they took the car to which they were complaining about this firm, and the place where we purchased a NEW CAR also complained about this firm!

You' re on your way to win WORLDS VORST MORTGAGE COMPANY. WORLDS MORTGAGE COMPANY. Be careful of people! This deal doesn't merit it..... Do not use this firm please.... Do not use this firm for anything. and I have a deal with them for my car and the support is terrible. Calling her to ask if I only had a few extra day to settle my score, I got the possible setting of work.

Those workmen are terrible and talking to you like you're lower than muck. It'?s a terrible firm.

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