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A Ctx mortgage

Mortgage Company, LLC provides mortgage financing services. CTX Mortgage employee reviews on CTX mortgage culture, salaries, benefits, work-life balance, management, job security and more. The CTX Mortgage Co. is the mortgage services division of Centex, one of the nation's leading home builders. Mortgage Company LLC branches in Texas.

Worked at CTX Mortgage: staff evaluations

Leadership team is fully in contact with the organization. By far this is by far the most employee-friendly organisation I have ever worked for. Extensive knowledge of the step-by-step mortgage process, as well as coursework available at any time for certificates in various areas, my was the FHA /VA loan processing.

The CTX is the perfect workplace for a highly committed mortgage lender. A good company to work for. Worked in the construction department of CTX Mortgage, also known as Centexomes. Accepting the credit request at the bureau, I travelled to show houses during the open day to help with queries or make requests for prospective new home owners.

Processing of the filing and procurement of all necessary papers for the conclusion of the credit as well as preparation of the final papers. Start-up firm in which I acted as a credit officer, learnt the trade from the executive and has been in the mining sector for over 20 years. A great place to work with a great and supporting director.

Accepting this role to take a leading role in returning to the mortgage loan industry, I learnt how well my credit history combined with my coaching and supply expertise has made me a better overallager. Nice guys on my squad! Operation Centre shut down due to the slump in the property markets.

I worked for CTX Mortgage for four years, good corporation. And I had a really good executive. Contrary to my Fannie Mae background, the senior leadership encourages their staff to take on cross-referencing tasks and learning other activities within the team. Wish there were more businesses out here today like CTX Mortgage.

Our business is now shut down. VP's and executives had over 15 plus in the mortgage business. That place was my best work, the folks, the corporate offices, and the executive were the very best....... Offices shut down due to managerial problems. Debt adjustment service and debt handling for turn down credits.

My employees would have the mistakes rectified and I would follow up the progress to return to creditwriting. It was the bladder that ended the business. They were great guys, as was the leadership. Sadly, this enterprise was still young and did not make it through the tough economic and competitive environment. All my employees were great guys to work with.

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