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FHA New Mortgage Limits Housing and Urban Development Ministry this weekend increased mortgage lending levels for 14 California boroughs, increasing the amount of credit granted by the Federal Housing Administration. The average house price in the 14 districts chosen by HUD is far above the FHA warranty thresholds. Indeed, almost half of all California's jumpbo lending is granted.

In January, home foreclosure auctions in South California rose by 433% year-on-year. These increases are part of the much-discussed German government's recovery plan. Specifically, the plan provides for this rise as a transitional step to convert more home owners from high-priced sub-prime mortgage backed securities into state-insured credit.

Included in the deal is a transient raise in the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac ceilings (previously $417,000). Through Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac's participation, we are hoping that investor will require bonds consisting of jump loan that will lower interest rates and stimulate domestic activities.

However, the higher limit will be phased out at the end of this year. Californian Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger urges Congress to set the higher limit values permanently. There are 14 California shire affected by this increase: The HUD maintains that the new thresholds will provide FHA-backed credit to the 30,000 Californians. Others Counties across the country are expecting to get the same elevator in credit lines in the next few day.

With the constraints to these added counties unrolled, HUD predicts that nearly half a million home-owners will have easy acces to FHA-backed lending.

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