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Note: If an escrow account is required or requested, the actual monthly payment will include amounts for property taxes and homeowner insurance premiums. Pedagogues Credit Union-Racine, Kenosha & Milwaukee Construction Financing If you need a home loan for a new or current home, a loan to upgrade your home, or to use the capital of your home for another venture, Educators has the credit for you. Bring the home of your dream. You can take out a mortgages, re-finance your mortgages, use the capital in your home, or obtain a building and property loan.

Educators provides the following credits and line of credits to help you make your home your home of choice: You can use our home loan calculators to help you run the numbers to see how much home you can buy. Find out how to find the right mortgages with our guide to mortgages. Have a look at the latest enforcement lists here.

Would you like to buy your first house? Plus, we give you 10,000 points for discounts on participation and management of a fiscal saving account.* Couple that with competitively priced educators' tariffs, supportive education resources, fabulous employees to accompany you on your way to homeownership, and there's no need to go anywhere else for your mortgaging needs.

Receive a fixed-rate home loan with a deposit of only 10% for a single-family home with a $30,000 or higher upside. A number of different methods of repaying secured loans are available. You can find current tariffs and refund methods on our tariffs page. A variable interest mortgag allows you to take out up to 80% of the estimated value or sale value of your home (whichever is lower) for a 30 year redemption period.

Floating interest mortgage have a floating interest bearing interest bearing interest and a disbursement for a specified term between two and five years, then interest bearing interest is adjusted on an annual basis using prevailing interest conditions. Mortgage with variable interest from teachers allows you to enjoy: A number of different methods are available for repaying variable-rate mortgage loans. You can find current tariffs and refund methods on our tariffs page.

Would you like to use the capital you have accumulated in your main home? You can do just that with our Home Equity Lines of Credit (HELOC)2 or our Home equity loan products. Home loan products have set interest rate, set payment dates and flexibility in payment conditions. See our Interest Rate page for our current interest rate and redemption option schedules or talk to a mortgages agent for more detail.

See Mortgages Representative for more detail.

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