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The Union Banka, formerly known as the Union Banka of California and a wholly owned affiliate of UnionBanCal, is one of the United States' biggest banking institutions. At the time of this letter, the Union has approximately $97 billion in asset values, making it the twenty-sixth biggest banking institution in America. Based in San Francisco, California, Union is a fully-fledged corporate banking institution offering a wide range of corporate and retail banking products andervices.

The Union Bank's origins date back to 1864, when the San Francisco based, Bill of Rights Foundation was established. Union Bank of California was established in 1996 when Union bank joined forces with the Bank of California. During 1999, the EIB started to trade on the NYSE under the UB sign.

Mitsubishi UFJ bought Union Bank in 2008. Today, Union Bank has 398 bank offices in California, Washington and Oregon, with offices in other states such as Texas and New York. The Union Bank has grown further and is planning to enter Texas. During 2012, the firm bought Santa Barbara Bank & Trust in California.

Although it has no nationwide coverage, it has a huge coverage on the West Coast, and customers doing business in California, Washington and Oregon will find the banks unbelievably comfortable. From cheques and saving plans to credits and line of sight to on-line banks, EU provides a complete range of services.

It is a large mortgages institution that offers mortgages at interest rates, interest rates and VA home credits. Nothing in this banking section constitutes an approval or promotion of the Bank's goods andervices.

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Although most countries impose interest rates at legislative levels, they are not always feasible, as consumer acceptance is often higher than the thresholds (and therefore do not require this protection). Thus, from a hands-on point of view, interest rates are hardly more than general interest rates ceilings. Irrespective of this, California's upper interest cap is 12 per cent for purchase agreements and 7 per cent for discretionary interest rates.

Overdraft is the act of granting credit at an interest that is deemed inappropriately high or higher than the interest allowed under California Acts. Excesses were first spread in England under King Henry VIII and initially concerned the collection of interest on borrowed moneys. In the course of times, it developed into a means of calculating only surplus interest, but in some faiths and parts of the globe the collection of interest is regarded as unlawful.

Under Californian legislation, there is no limitation when a derogation is in force. California's interest rate legislation is outlined in the following chart. For more information, see Resources on Consumers. Notice: State statutes change all the time - consult a California lawyer or do your own research to review the state statutes you are investigating.

Federal law - Links to federal law websites (laws) in all 50 states and DC. Associated resources for the Interest Act: If you make a big buy, especially an automotive or even a home, there are a multitude of numbers and prices tossed around and it can get really puzzling.

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