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Buy or refinance the first mortgage. Interest rates are not guaranteed until an interest agreement has been concluded. Take a look at the current interest rates and explore our mortgage products. Get a long-term fixed interest rate on your mortgage loan. The SPIRE Credit Union offers competitive personal mortgage lending rates.

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Liberty Bank Minnesota provides a broad array of mortgage solutions to make this fast and simple, whether you are looking to buy, build or refinance. Please click here for a free pre-qualification for mortgage lending. There are several first times home buyers home loan deals involving home buyer lending rates lowered, home mortgage rate lending without cash below, mortgage option paying and even mortgage support with even the month to month paying eliminating the need to mortgage your home.

Get a long-term interest on your mortgage loans at a set interest level. Loans are the most common form of loans. It allows accurate forecasting since the capital and interest components of the disbursement do not vary during the lifetime of the loans. Our mortgage programmes can help you conserve your valuable investment capital.

Our company offers a structure on long-term lease with a fixed amount of closure charges. If you have not been selling your current home, we have bridging credit option, and we have also prolonged the fixed-interest in programmes to alleviate the concern about interest changes. Funding your home mortgage can bring several beneficial results.

If you are a house owner, you will want to consider refinancing: Lower your mortgage payments by cutting the interest rates or prolonging the payback time. Lower your interest expenses over the duration of the credit by re-financing at a lower interest or shortening the duration of the credit. Lower your mortgage payments and your interest rates by moving from a variable installment mortgage to a permanent installment one.

Visit our Refinance Calculator to find out if you can help your business reduce costs by funding.

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