Equity Loan information

Information on the Equity Loan

You can use this checklist to organize your paperwork before applying for a loan. To help you compare and decide, use the following information. Useful information for managing an existing home equity line of credit.

Disclosures and Annahmen on the Home Equity Loan

Tariff information refers to California (see tariffs on the right for details). In the example chart for the disbursement of a homeowner loan, the Annual Percentage Rates (APRs) and flat interest payments per month are shown for illustration only, assuming a new homeowner loan in second pledge item, a 10-year maturity, a CLTV (combined loan to value) of less than 60% for a 1- to 2-part owner-occupied principal domicile, and a borrowers with outstanding ratings.

There is a $30,000 credit limit. Interest rates and payments may differ depending on the value of the real estate, the amount of the loan and other relevant parameters. The current tariff and amount of your payments may be higher or lower than the specified tariff and amount of your payments. Non-life insurances are always necessary, and if necessary flooding insurances are necessary.

Home equity loan must not be more than the second pledge item. There is a $30,000 threshold for a homeowner loan. For home ownership credits, 10 and 15 years firm maturities are available. Whether or not a loan can be used to consolidate your debts depends on your specific situation and your real debts.

Interest is saved if you make interest on the new low-interest loan at least as much as you previously made for the high-interest debts to be included in the consolidation. In order to avoid that the same unfavorable indebtedness scenarios are repeated in the near term, you should not create new balance to the asset account to be included in consolidation.

The general business regulations are valid. Programmes, tariffs, terms en condition are changeable without prior notification.

Home-equity credit line Credit information

For information on how to service your current loan, or to inform us of an incorrect service of your loan, please contact us at You must send a written request containing your name and bank details and the service fault or service information you requested.

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