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Request a fixed-rate home loan from BB&T today. Prices are subject to change at any time without notice. Submit your application for a home loan today. SPENCERFLEX PROMOTION: Available only to beginners Spencer Home Equity Credit Line applicants.

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Believing in providing the best possible customer experiences, we place the highest value on the protection of your sensitive information. Due to safety reasons we have blocked the on-line entrance to your bank accounts for the time being. In order to gain full control of your bank details, please: Many thanks for your time and please accept our excuse for the discomfort this may have created.

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Gives you the assurance that your monthly payment will be deducted from your current bank accounts every time. Submit your application today. Submit your application today at a store near you. There are a variety of useful items, home equity calculations and other utilities to facilitate the calculation for you. With our expert, seasoned specialists, you can find the loan that's right for you and benefit from award-winning client support through a retail outlet, on-line, over the telephone, on Facebook or Twitter, or even at an ATM.

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The annual interest is the annual percentage. Up to 95% loan value. Prices are changeable at any moment without prior notification. The interest rates depend on the creditworthiness of the borrower. The prices indicated are the cheapest prices available. Home loans: With 3.99% APR, 60 months paid of $18.41 per $1,000 loaned.

Home loans: With 4.30% APR, 84 one-month installments of $13.81 per $1,000 of loaned capital. Home loans: With 4.49% APR, 120 per month payouts of $10.36 per $1,000 loaned dollar. Home loans: With 4.70% APR, 180 per month payouts of $7.75 per $1,000 loaned dollars. The APR of 2.74% is the minimum available and is set for the first 12 month.

Quotation on the basis of your personal solvency and Loan to Value (LTV) of 80%. Following 12 months of early settlement, the interest rates return to a floating interest period of up to prime minus 0.50%, as reported in the Wall Street Journal 30 trading days prior to the interest rates reset date.

The prime installment was 5.00% on 14 June 18. Only 1-4 families are offered, which are used by the owners themselves. Offers and prices are changeable at any moment without prior notification. Different conditions, tariffs and limitations may be applicable. The annual percentage rate of charge will not be higher than 18%, with a floor of 4.50%. This action does not allow refinancing of NCU Home Equity lines/loans.

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