Equity Loan Terms

Terms and conditions of the equity loan

The two options allow you to settle the balance on your own terms. Home-equity loans allow you to take advantage of a low fixed interest rate and a fixed repayment schedule. Besides low competitive interest rates, our Fixed Term Home Equity Loan offers the security of a predefined redemption schedule.


The Texans are imaginative, which is why we offer three1 products to help you use the equity in your home to work for your needs. Remember that the equity in your home is based on the actual value of your home, not the sale value. Make sure you review the value of your home before calculating your equity amount.

For Texans, it's all about liberty, and with our Home Equity Loans you're free to choose how you use your assets.6 The advantages of a Home Equity Loan with Texan involve the following: Texas people are innovators, and so are our Home Equity Lines of Credits. Without restriction6 on what you use your cash for, you get cash when you need it, at a competitively priced floating rate.7 Other advantages of using your cash for your own purposes included: a higher rate of interest, a lower cost of living, and a lower cost of living:

Texas people are makers, and with our home improvement store credits we make it simpler than ever to make home improvement through a licenced builder. Credits below $25,000 are usually paid out as a flat rate. $25,000 loan requires a drawing plan. It is not an extension bid for consumers' credits within the meaning of Section 226.2 of Regulation Z.

Prices and conditions are changeable without prior notification. Prices and conditions are based on the general credit standing of each claimant and are changeable at any moment. There are no initial bonds available for the acquisition of a new principal place of domicile; the acquisition of a principal place of domicile must have already taken place.

Mandatory loan amount is $25,000 for initial home loan expenditures; maturities up to 15 years available. The member may pay a one-time charge for real estate taxes supervision; no additional acquisition charges for credits up to $150,000. The member bears the full cover expense for $150,000 in credit. There may be no availability of automated payments rebates at certain tariffs and conditions.

Automated payment are not available for home equity line of credit loan line. Contact your loan clerk for further information. Applications for business loan facilities are not financially viable. Annual interest rate approved at the date of conclusion of the loan, unless increased or reduced. The interest rate quoted is a floating annual percentage rate calculated from the prime rate plus a spread quoted in the Wall Street Journal.

The Prime is a floating interest bracket; if it changes, the APR on your bank account will also do so. At no time will the maximal amount of the fee be more than 18% per year. There are certain third-party charges you can make to open your line of credit. Please note that you can be charged certain third-party charges.

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