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May an FHA mortgage have a second lien? According to the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development, the Federal Housing Administration is the world's biggest state mortgage underwriter. The FHA has various mortgage assurance programmes, most of which allow for second mortgage loan facilities, which occupy a collateral location opposite the FHA-insured first mortgage. The second lien is also generally known as subordinated lien, subordinated lien, piggyback lien, subordinated mortgage or just second mortgage.

Indefinite or indefinite. The difference between a HELOC and a loan is that it contains a drawdown amount. The amount you pay each month will vary according to what you have loaned. Sealed credits include the taking up of a flat-rate amount at once. Usually they come with a firm payout on the basis of the amount of capital and interest due.

As a rule, the redemption periods for second mortgages range between 15 and 30 years. Secondly, pledges serve as additional funding for the house owner. Borrowers also owe the remainder of their second pledge in excess of the amount of the FHA-insured mortgage. The FHA does not cover second pledges and the collateral can come from another creditor - not necessarily the first mortgage creditor.

A second pledge can help in paying for the purchase of the house. Borrowers can also obtain a second pledge to use their income for emergency purposes or to repay debt. The second pledge always remains in the second - or lower - location to an FHA-insured first mortgage. His or her secundary role is important because he or she decides when he or she must be fully remunerated.

If, for example, a debtor is selling or refinancing his house, he must first disburse the FHA mortgage, then the second one. When there is not enough money to cover the first and second pledge, the second pledgee bears the losses or has to await further payments. The FHA insures a first mortgage that has a second pledge if the collateral comes from a state, provincial or municipal authority.

Selected non-profit organisations - those linked to the authorities - may grant second pledges in the shape of advance aid credits. Known as DAPs, these programmes help borrower to finance the acquisition of their home by offering low-interest and sometimes "soft" or "silent" second credits to meet down payments and sometimes closure charges, says HUD.

Hidden seconds are credits that do not demand monetary settlement, but are due in full when the house is sold or refinanced. The FHA will not allow all types of alternative funding when purchasing or refinancing. Thus, for example, it forbids second mortgages with ballon repayments (loans which are amortised over a certain maturity but mature in full within a short space of time) or advance fines (fees due to the creditor for the repayment of the credit before a certain maturity).

Borrowers must be able to pay the first mortgage of the FHA, the second mortgage and other house charges such as tax and insurances on a per month basis.

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