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Purchasing investment property in the UK can be a good decision. Find financial brokers near you or submit your own rating. Home - CFB (UK) | Independent Overall Commercial & Business Finance Market

Brokers who are leaders in the markets and take the trouble to obtain financing for their businesses. Being a Whole of Markets Broker, we are able to work with all UK based credit providers. In the last 20 years, our creditor relations have become very close, which necessarily means our customers benefit. Since we are 100% independant, we have no influence on our dealings with certain creditors.

In this way, we can concentrate on providing the best offer for our customers. Our services to our customers are quick, effective and result-oriented. Good tidings " is that we are charging our customers commission. Our approach is not affected by the fact that we only want to address creditors who are paying high introductory costs to brokers.

We have a 1% performance bonus, but we will be negotiating this charge for large loans. Earning accolades is one of the ways we know we can maintain the high level of customer care our customers demand. Providing the right financing can be a crucial factor in determining the effectiveness of such acquisitions.

Offering our customers many credit lines, with interest rates, flexibility in repayments and extended credit periods, from the most highly rated credit providers on the credit markets. We have the contact and expertise for both the seasoned contractor and the first builder to obtain the best possible financing to maximize your profits.

Negotiating with creditors is never more important than in this financial industry. As more and more creditors enter this open markets, the choice of the right brokers seeking financing for you can have a significant impact on the bottom line. However, if there is a lot of urgency or the actual layout of the building is not suited for downtown creditors, short-term credit may be the only one.

In this marketplace, the number of creditors is considerable and the cost can be high. When there is another alternative, we will help you find it, if not, we will make you the best short-term offer. The personal insurance offers personal safety insurance financially secure and protects against the unexpected. Having ever given personal guarantees for credit, this warranty could one day be claimed, resulting in significant expenses for you.

Click the above hyperlink to go to the PGI Cover a Trading Style of Ratae PGI Ltd. offering and purchase website, an appointee of Professional Insurance Agents Ltd. authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. You can help you with various types of insurances and make you an estimate - we do not provide consulting or service in this area of underwriting.

Prime Guarantee is one of the UK's premier suppliers of structural guarantee and insurance services. Providing their customers with some of the most advanced, affordable and, above all, safest structural warranty solution available on the shelves.

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