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Can you find me a mortgage?

Alexa, give me a mortgage. Virtuell wizards like Amazon's Alexa can tell the clients of a few local savings institutions their current accounts balance, but could it one of these days help them get a mortgage?" It is a hypothesis that some banking institutions are already considering as language-based wizards are used in more and more facets of the finance industry and general living.

"We' re seeing a great deal of potential for call interface, and we have a pile of exciting things to experiment with now," said Patrick Kelly, USAA's San Antonio-based Deputy VP for Emerging Technologies, one of the first bank ers to provide their clients with Alexa's fundamental bank information.

The one thing USAA thinks is how language-based helpers can take action out of the mortgage request processing. Kelly said, "For example, a client could be sharing relevant finance information that an wizard could then enter into the right places in a digitized workbook. Or, a client could ask for certain aspect of a home loans without having to go through much of the "bank peak", as Kelly put it, found in traditional mortgage deeds.

Given that in general, banks are more likely to feel at ease with voice-interactive face-to-face wizards to perform a variety of online finance operations, mortgage lending will be a logical solution," said Gareth Gaston, director of omni-channel bankings at U.S. Banks, which has recently begun to let its clients interactively engage with the banks via Alexa. Before the mortgage cycle even begins, language-based service could be used to help users gather information or educate themselves financially," said Amory Booher, senior VP of risk technology and enforcement at BBVA Compass in Birmingham, Ala.

When you think of a face-to-face wizard "wider than in the broader contexts of verbal communication software," he opens it up to other areas of the mortgage cycle, Booher added. Roberto Hernandez, director at PwC, said that this more advisory stance is likely to show how the tech could really enhance the mortgage lending experience for clients.

Mr Hernandez said it was essential for the bank to get to this point with mortgage- and other more complex finance because clients are increasingly able to rely on voice-interactive agents. Non-bank wholesaler AFRWholesale has recently entered into a partnering agreement with Amazon to add Alexa to its originals platform.

As Gaston said, Hernandez said how Alexa can be used to supplement credit clerks techology. "Credit clerks are adding an enormous amount of value, but much of what they do you can use with the help of technology," he said. Ultimately, the way in which banking can incorporate language interactivity into the mortgage lending experience will depend not only on how sophisticated the underlying technologies are, but also on how regulated, USAAs Kelly said.

"He said that the mortgage procedure is very documentary, but that's what the regulatory authorities want; they want to see all this information recorded. Much of this documentary can be transferred through a machine like Alexa, "is something that the industries need to assemble and debate with regulators".

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