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The First Home Mortgage

in Baltimore, Maryland. Explore how much you can borrow; See the current interest rates; Choose the right home loan; Find the lowest monthly payment;

No commitment. Get instructions, ratings, and information for First Home Mortgage in Cranston, RI. Are you thinking about buying your first house?

The first house mortgage (

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Mortgage First Home - 68 Reviews - Mortgage Agents - 8401 Connecticut Ave, Chevy Chase, MD - Phonenumber

Alex and I were lucky enough to work together to buy our first house. Him and his crew were there, making everything really easy and enjoyable, helping us find ways to cut extra cash, and keeping the whole thing clear and happy. I' d highly suggest him and First Home Mortgage to any new shopper!

Thank you Alex! Alex Jaffe and First Home Mortgage on the acquisition of my first home. I had so many queries as a first shopper throughout the entire lifecycle and Alex and the First Home staff were so ready to respond to all my queries!

I' d suggest Alex to anyone who wants to buy a house! At the beginning of December 2017 I had the privilege to be presented by my operative Alex. Among the several credit clerks and creditors I worked with while following the pre-approval process, Alex was the most reactive, prompt, organized and thorough. Him ( and First Home Mortgage ) was the natural option when I chose a creditor.

I was a first-time house buyer without a tight local familiy at the time and wanted a credit counsel who was patience enough to guide me through the trial. Both Alex and his staff were in continuous contact with me via e-mail or telephone and sent clear abstracts of our discussions and next moves.

Thanks, Alex! lf l could give Alex Jaffe and his crew 10 star, l'd do it. I had Alex helping me get my house back. And Alex put my needs first. It was extensive in its directions and manuals, which greatly aided me, because such a thing is not my strength and I do not know much about the terms of house financing.

It brought me an ultra low interest fee, and his staff worked relentlessly to cut my charges and make sure my deal was done in the most economical and streamlined way. Can' say enough great things about Alex and his group. And Alex is great to work with!

In addition, he is in contact throughout the entire procedure and is always available to help with any queries. Very recommendable! My broker redirected me to Alex Jaffe to fund my first home buy in DC. Also, I had a second fiduciary credit via HPAP, DC's first home buying programme.

There was no hitch in the trial. And Alex and his crew were always really fast to react, always answering my phone and helping me with the navigation, which can sometimes be a bewildering experience. They' re great at knowing about HPAP and the other first-purchaser tools. At the end of November I shut my first house and I really like it.

I can' t give Alex and First Home Mortgage enough credit. to Scott Story and his crew. There was the best mortgage squad that helped us find out which loans worked better for our families. Scott and his staff are recommended for your house buying, they will handle you like a whole familiy.

Well, if I could just put it higher than five, I'm sure it'd be ten out of ten. I worked with 2 other mortgage houses, Quicken and Homepoint. And I saw the review for Scott Story and I called him right away. As he sent me the estimated amount of the mortgage, not only were the closure charges 1/3 of the 2 other creditors, but the overall mortgage charges were actually about $15,000 less for the same amount on borrow.

Having both sent me audited valuations (both down a few thousand), Scott still hit them down with his bare palms. Quicken: "I'm sorry, but you should have given me the best installment to start with, and that's still not the best installment," the credit counsel urged Quicken to see Scott's valuation.

Frankly, he spent a great deal of my life with me, so I felt I at least owe him that and sent him Scott's appreciation. The next morning he shouted back and shyly said, "I think you have the best tariff for your needs. "Then I got some follow-up phone calls in from his executive and that's it.

Concerning Homepoint, the credit clerk I worked with seemed to cry when I said I had found another one. It went back and forth over all the amount of case he tired with me and to which I also explained to him that he should elasticity of me the attempt charge to statesman with and not the business relation charge (which he couldn't anyway) throughout all of my debt request advanced with Scott.

An outcry to Corey Heesen and Donna Reid, the other very able part of Scott's outfit. On my side, there were some mishaps that could either have been an obstacle to approving the credit or at least delayed it beyond the deadline. And Scott and his crew fix these problems immediately and without panic, their wisdom was so good.

We' re definitely going to reinstate Scott and his crew and have already forwarded him to our mates. As well as the transparency of the whole operation, we cut our budget by tens of millions of dollars. Just went through our first ref with Alex and his crew, and it was smooth and practically stress-free!

Having researched home programmes for the first straight year, I found an entry about the DC Open Doors programme. Aleks was enlisted as an agency who was acquainted with the trial and had extensive initial business management expertise. During the whole trial Alex and his crew were totally amazing. Always the same night (even at night and on weekends) he came back to me, worked so well with my realtor and had a generally quiet, organised attitude that made the whole thing, I dare say, pleasant and so different from my friend's first military tales that he had bought himself.

Very recommendable! Jaffe is an awesome guy to work with, especially when you're a house owner for the first one! Alex impresses my man and I for many different things, but we especially appreciate his fast answers and his readiness to clarify things when we have a question. Alex I would and will tell my friend, my relatives and my stranger, because he is so good!

Thanks a lot, Alex! Alex Jaffe at First Home Mortgage directed us for our first home buying in DC, and it went very well. We have since been refinancing ourselves several time with Alex, and we want to use him for our next house buy. It is always recommended to a friend in the area who wants to buy or refill.

A thing that stands out is his perseverance to explain the particulars of the deal, the interest rates or the conditions of finance / refinance. They believe that you should have all the information with a clear grasp of the advantages and disadvantages so that you as a customer can make the choice that works best for you at that point in and out.

He has a very thorough grasp of First Home Mortgage as well as competitor's product and he always has his "i's dotted" and his "t's crossed". He is not intrusive, and he works diligently to meet the timetable to drive the business forward quickly and seamlessly. Normally I first send him my thoughts by e-mail, because it is simpler to describe my comprehension in written form.

Talking to him on the telephone is very simple when it comes to more complicated product solutions, and he is very patience when it comes to clarifying terms and procedures. He is very well-informed about the area and First Home Mortgage works with a large international community of realtors, closers and surveyors.

Briefly, I wouldn't be feeling nearly as safe in this store without Alex's back. Since others have divided, Scott Story, Correy Heesen and Donna Reed have been key players in successfully completing our first home in less than 30 working days, complete with a VA home credit. Both my spouse and I felt really appreciated and were able to control this whole thing with great self-assurance and lightness, thanks to First Home Mortgage.

Our recommendation for their service is very strong and we look forward to working with them again in the near term. The Scott Story, Correy Heesen and Donna Reed were helping us with our mortgage and we couldn't have been more happy. You worked very well as a teammate and made everything very clear to us so that the conclusion went smoothly.

These were all very great to work with and would surely commend them if you are looking to get a mortgage in Maryland. Whilst they need hardly any more credit from me, I wanted to make sure that Ryan, Vendula and First Home Mortgage continued to get good grades. After they arose, the loans took all the hassle out of funding a house.

We now have more in the way of wondering why someone used a drum to repair the dry wall in the bath. Prior to starting, I suggest that you enroll in the business administration section of your university and earn a bachelor's in a related area. Not only will a good brokers co-ordinate this litigation, they will also act as your attorney to the creditor by presenting your information clearly and fully, minimising the verification period and giving the vendor trust.

And this was valued because the choices for such a big buy should be your own... or maybe Suze Ormans'. Getting a credit so early made me wonder if I had forgotten something (which Vendula then double-checked). There was a complete absence of a free cruising holiday for two. But Alex is alert, competent and obviously always had my best interests in mind.

My client services were A+ and I highly commend it to anyone who buys a new home, especially the first one. Patience was His way of explaining the trial to me so that we would know what to look forward to as we approached. Him and his staff were able to communicate promptly and clearly, and we could readily give them what they needed to handle the documents.

Alex, Patrick and Dilia were fantastic at work and really created a period where your lives are changing and the speakers are less hectic! Call Alex definitely if you're considering purchasing and aren't sure where to begin. But three years after Alex gave me a hand to get my first home loans, he and his crew did a great job refinancing me.

Because of his skill, I was able to change from a 30- to a 15-year mortgage, scrape off half a percentage of my interest and cancel my mortgage policy. I' m gonna save a lousy amount of cash on the lives of my old loans. Alexander made the trial easy and spend a lot of my attention trying to explain the more complex parts when I had a question.

Overall another great collaboration with First Home Mortgage. It made my first home shopping experiences seem smooth. I' ve worked with Scott Story and was very satisfied with his general know-how, professionality and politeness. As this was the first apartment I ever bought, I had a ton of unanswered question.

I' d definitely be recommending this firm.

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