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One of the best things about our fixed income equity loan is its stability. Temporary home equity loan. Home Equity Loans and Lines of Credits are perfect for major life purchases such as home improvements and renovations, all without fees or closure costs. MaxEquity's programme comprises two flexible credit options: a revolving credit line and a fixed-rate loan. If you are a member of the Holyoke Credit Union, you can apply for a fixed interest rate on a home loan.

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The Home Equity Line of credit (HELOC) is a revolving, variable-rate loan. Request a solvency margin that you can access during the drawing season via LOC cheques or bank transfer. Withdrawal deadline is the fixed timeframe in which you can receive advance payments from the loan.

During the drawing season, the monetary thresholds are interest only and do not decrease the amount of capital due. Interest rates are floating rates of interest calculated on the prime rates in the Wall Street Journal. Interest rates are the lower of the two, and can be anytime. At the end of the drawdown term, the loan is repayable and no further advance from the loan is permitted.

Perfect for...financing your plans or acquisitions over several years - or with the convenience of an emergeny fund.financing a short-term plan or acquisition. Low annual interest rate (APR) introduction fixed for six (6) month, financing of several objects or acquisitions if you already have a considerable portfolio of mortgages.

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MaxEquity's programme comprises two types of loan: a revolving line of credit as well as a fixed-rate loan. Yearly percentage (APR). Interest payment for well skilled borrower with new Halocs opened on 22.03.18. Tariffs may differ according to your particular loan type. Their prices are adjustable and can be changed at any moment.

Their price is calculated on the basis of the then prevailing index and spread; prices will not surpass 12%. Home-equity facilities are available for Michigan houses and Florida restricted boroughs. Yearly percentage (APR). The best interest on offer, your interest level may differ according to your particular maturity and your loan type.

Reserved for loan authorisation. Combination loan to Value CLTV.


Permission is required for all credits. Prices, policies and conditons may fluctuate and differ according to your rating, qualification and security requirements. Motorhomes are excluded. Prior to financing your equity loan or line of credit, all of the home loan security with the exception of your first home loan must be repaid.

Reserved for real estate appraisal. Non-life insurances necessary. A flood protection policy may be necessary. Any program and maximal combination Loan-to-Value (CLTV) may be changed or terminated without prior notification. A prepayment penalty of $500 will be charged if the loan is fully repaid within three years of the opening date for our Equity My Way line of credit.

We will calculate your max loan amount from the loan-to-value combination of your original first fixed-rate and new second mortgages according to the latest regulations. 3 The APR is 4.00% for owner-occupied flats and 5.50% for non owner-occupied flats. Price may vary after opening the bankroll.

Annual rate of charge is 18% for owner-occupied housing and 19% for non-occupied housing. A homeowner policy is necessary. A flood protection policy may be necessary. Every loan charge that is a percent of the loan facility (such as lending) and an estimation of all charges levied for opening the scheme, expressed as a U.S. dollar amount or spread.

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