Fixed Rate Mortgage Deals

Mortgage transactions with fixed interest rates

A fixed-rate mortgage is characterised by the loan amount, interest rate, interest frequency and term. Fixed-rate mortgages are the most common and straightforward mortgages available to homeowners today. Like an ARM, fixed-rate mortgages come with advantages and disadvantages: Both compliant and jumbo fixed-rate loans are available.

Comparison of fixed-rate loans

Fixed rate mortgages give you a specific interest rate for a fixed term, which means that your payments remain the same until the end of the fixing process. Two fixed-rate transactions are compared in this computer. This is complicated by the duration of the fixing and any charges - we divide the costs per months, the fixed conditions and until the mortgage is paid back.

Can you get a better price? MSE Mortgage Best Buys comparison to find the best offer for you. During the first years of the mortgage you pay proportionately more interest, so that the debts fall only gradually, as the above chart shows. But overpaying can consume your debts and drastically cut the amount you pay back, as it means less interest overall (always make sure there are no prepayments).

To see how much you can conserve, use our overpayment calculator.

Fixed-rate mortgage - 2, 3, 5 years Fixed-rate mortgage

We offer a wide variety of fixed-rate mortgage products, so if your lifestyle changes, your mortgage could also benefit. With our fixed-rate mortgage products, you can make your budgeting easier, confident that your payments will remain the same for an arranged amount of time, even if interest rises or falls.

Simply call us to move your mortgage and we will guide you through what you need to know. Remember, you may have to make a real estate appraisal charge and other payments and fees. Everything is described in your mortgage illustration: a paper that will tell you how much your mortgage will cost, as well as some other important information about the main characteristics of your mortgage.

When you have made 6 consecutive installments, you can request 1 month's leave. Every 12 and a half years you can take 2 vacation periods, up to a maximum of 6 vacation periods over the term of your mortgage. However, keep in mind that during a vacation you will still be billed interest so that your montly pay can increase.

When you have made 6 months of payment, one after the other, you can request to lend more. You will find all the information about the changes you can make to your mortgage and our rates in your personalized mortgage image. Remember, you may have to make a real estate appraisal charge and add other dues and dues.

Earn 1 point for every 4 you spend on your mortgage each month - plus excess charges. It' simple to keep tabs on your points too, as they will appear on your Tesco Clubcard within 6 week of each transaction. In order to earn points, you must be a Clubcard member.

Do not earn points for dues or dues charged separate from your montly payments or for overpayments you make to repay your mortgage in full. The Clubcard Points accumulation fee may vary. Tesco Clubcard Scheme is managed by Tesco Stores Limited, Tesco House, Shire Park, Kestrel Way, Welwyn Garden City, AL7 1GA who are accountable for meeting the points.

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