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Independent mortgage advisor free of charge

Contact Porters Estate Agents today for free independent mortgage advice. Some will be at your disposal free of charge, but they will receive a commission from the lender. The initial consultation is free of charge.

Porter's Real Estate Agent - Mortgage Advisory Services

No matter if you are a buy-to-leasing owner, self-employed or want to set up an ex-pat mortgage, we can help - no matter how hard it may seem for you. Being a mortgage broker, we have a broad range of mortgage and security product portfolios so that we can find the business that best meets your needs.

Independent security for the right mortgage can often be a mine field. So why make things more challenging in an already complex underworld? What is the point of hiring a mortgage agent? Have you got enough judgement about whether or not you fulfil the latest credit requirements for the mortgage loans you are interested in?

So if the response is "no," then using a mortgage broker might be the right step for you. We will find the best offers for you and your life style. We are your access to a wide range of our product range. We ensure that every mortgage offering is made in the quickest possible timeframe.

We will use our pecuniary expertise and our understanding of ever-changing federal laws to accelerate the recruitment proces. We will only consult you on the basis of your own particular circumstances to determine what is right for you - and will not only supply you with general information. For you we can organise almost any kind of insurances for you.

And not only that, you don't have to be a mortgage client to take advantage of our services. Porters Ltd. does not charge a commission for brokering your mortgage. Porter's Limited is an nominee representative of Mortgage Next Network Limited, which is licensed and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority under number 300866 only in relation to the brokerage of mortgage, assurance and retail credits.

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We are here to help you safe your precious investment capital and spare your precious personal space - whether you are a first-time purchaser, a relocator, a mortgage lender or a real estate developer. Allow us to lead you through every stage of the procedure, from determining the rental price to collecting the keys to your home. It is vital to protect oneself and one's family from economic turmoil or disasters.

Be it life insurance, serious health insurance or income protection - we will provide you with advice on the most appropriate solution for your household and your individual needs. Please click here to contact an expert, highly skilled consultant with experience in the field of CIMAP. We would be delighted to get to know you personally, but if that's a little difficult, we'll also be pleased to work with you by phone and e-mail.

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