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Watch your creditworthiness free of charge. These will tell you how the broker will make their money from your mortgage deal. British Online Mortgage Broker - Toll Free Mortgage Advice

The Mortgage Calculator gives you an impression of what your mortgage could look like in 45 seconds. On the basis of the information you provide, we quickly browse the entire mortgage markets to find the best mortgage for your needs. Being a free mortgage realtor on-line, we have to work particularly harder to win your confidence.

We are fully governed by the UK's fully fledged UK FSA, the UK's leading independence authority, and all our mortgage professionals are highly skilled, knowledgeable and amiable. We have developed a scanning capability that can handle over 90 financiers and 20,000 mortgage loans to make sure you always have the best offer. As with all brokerage, we are also remunerated by creditors, but unlike many brokerage firms, we do not bill you a cent.

We' re completely free, forever.

Over L&C - Toll Free Mortgage Advisor & Broker

The best part is, we don't bill you for it. That' s right, as the UK's premier free mortgage agent we do not bill our clients a cent for our work. Because we are searching across markets, we are guaranteed to find you very well. First, we only need 15-20 mins of your telephone call to go over a few issues.

When you are finished, we will complete the completion of the completed forms, another 15-20 min either by telephone or on-line and send in your job for you. You can follow your job applications around the clock either on-line or by telephone 7 and a half weeks aayay. We can even nominate a committed case executive for you to call if you have any queries.

How can we provide all this for free? There is a different point: unlike other mortgage brokerage firms, we don't need to add an additional commission for our clients. It is an avenue that has proven itself over and over again. L&C will save you a lot of valuable work.

L&C's senior managers are mortgage professionals with over 100 years of expertise. They are also enthusiastic about offering first-class customer services.

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