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Who we are - Gocompare.com Group GoCompare.com Group plc runs GoCompare, a UK based comparative website for finance, utility and home care products; MyVoucherCodes, specialised in consumer savings for consumer customers through online advertising and advertising; and Energylinx, an incumbent power brokerage and comparative website with more power supply links than any other UK comparative website.

Every year GoCompare draws about five million visitors and should help saving humans a lot of space, saving a lot of energy and saving a lot of costs. GoCompare came onto the shelves in 2006 and was the first comparative website to disrupt the premium segment by displaying detailed policies and not just pricing. GoCompare's aim was and is to help individuals make better educated purchasing choices that help them safe themselves valuable resources and reduce their costs.

Every month, VoucherCodes sends out a wide range of e-mails with the best choice of promotions, coupons and special deals in the fields of fashions, dining, electronics, travelling, aesthetics and more to its eight million e-mail customers. The Energylinx is a home and commercial power compare and brokerage company that assists its customers to find, compare and exchange the cheapest power rates through its market-leading vendor relations.

Energylinx, located in Alloa, Scotland, is also a reliable supplier of wholesale label power metering solutions to over 200 partner companies, among them some of the UK's best-known consumers' organizations, and Which? It is also an investors in Souqalmal.com, the Middle East's premier peer company, and the highly anticipated financial start-up MortgageGym, the mortgage brokerobo.

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This includes mean real estate rates, rent returns, rent increases, populations under the age of 35, the number of available real estate and the number of leasing and servicing agents. Leicester and Cardiff followed with rent increases of 5.3 percent and 5 percent respectively in these towns. Sunderland with a rent yield of 5.37 percent and Liverpool with a rent yield of 5.05 percent follow.

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