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The HELOCs have a drawdown period in which the borrower can use the line and a repayment period in which it must be repaid. The refinancing loan is a HELOC. What's the big deal?

Dr. Don, we recently funded our $87,000 mortgages to receive a lower one-month payout. Just found out that the loans we have are not really a mortgages but a home equity line of credit. What we are looking for is a home equity line of debt. We at a loss with this kind of loans? It is a 15-year term loan at 3. 99 per cent interest with a fine of $500 if we disburse it in the first three years.

Pipe is protected by the plot. In the long run, does this kind of lending costs more? If I need to, can I get another home equity line of credit or a second one? Thank you, dear Robin, home equity facilities or home loans and home equity facilities are backed by the real estate.

Insofar as the German Fiscal Act permits, the interest expenses are fiscally deductable depending on the amount and use of the credit income. In the past, home equity credit facilities and credits were referred to as second rate loans. That' s because there was almost always a first mortgage that was first in line to be paid back in case the house went in to foreclosure. What is more, the first thing that happened was that the house was in the middle of a year.

If you use a HELOC to fund your first home mortgages, however, the HELOC may have the first seat, and it has first reservations on the value of the home in enforcement. A HELOC has two drawbacks. Another is that the HELOC lenders may have resort in a compulsory enforcement if the income from the compulsory enforcement does not meet the pending credit balances.

What is regress means is that the creditor can look for other asset than just the ownership if he wants to repay the credit. A further problem is that at least in the first years of the loans, a HELOC is only based on interest. When you have a HELOC seated first seat, then you may be able to get a second home equity line or a mortgage on the land.

However, it will not be simple, and it could be a better business to apply for an extension of the initial HELOC's amount or to re-finance the HELOC in a greater amount than to obtain a second credit. Most of your mess, I think, is with the way the loans appear in the bank's on-line financial system, not with anything related to taxation or state law on recoveries.

This is the method you have chosen for funding your hypothec.

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