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Credit lines vs. traditional second mortgage loans . Information on Home equity loan - Facts about the use of home equity capital

The annual percentage rate of charge depends on a number of parameters such as your loan histories, the amount of the loan, the amount of capital you will have in your home after you receive the loan and the payback period. There are no filing, creation or valuation costs and no liquid assets are needed at the balance sheet date. There may be a penalty if your payments are delayed or if you do not have enough money to pay.

During the credit transaction we cover all acquisition expenses so that you do not have to take any money with you. Eligible acquisition expenses comprise all security interest, admission charges and mortgage/transfer tax (if you live in Connecticut, Minnesota, North Carolina or Oklahoma, you are not obligated to refund the acquisition costs).

Please specify which documentation do I need for the application? Please ask your Personal Banker for a first overview of the documentation we need to get going. Each loan is different, so we can obtain extra documentation as we go through the credit lifecycle. The Common Mortgage eBrochure provides a practical check listing and documentation requests.

Is it possible to send a document on-line during the recruitment procedure? Filing your document can be done on-line on our safe website: Document submission helps you to accelerate the handling of your credit claim. On our safe website you can also see your loan progress, your to-do sheet, the progress of sent papers and much more!

What is the duration of the credit procedure?

How does the loan agreement work? Loan conclusion processes are fast and uncomplicated. Approximately 45 min. on average and in most cases a local lawyer will see you at your home, in your offices or any other suitable place where you can have your loan signed. As soon as the loan is finalized, you have three working days in which to modify your opinion and terminate the loan, known as the right of withdrawal.

Is it possible to administer my accounts on-line? As soon as your loan is paid in, we will send you a welcome pack explaining how to create your on-line service inbox. Display bank accounts, make payment management, create alerts by electronic message, retrieve your fiscal records, and more. This Welcome Pack also contains extra information about your loan and how to get your bank card.

Among the documentation that will be provided to you upon completion is the registration for automated transactions registration sheet. asks for information about the cheque or saving bank from which you wish to withdraw your money each month together with a validated cheque or pay-in slip. Please note that the cheque or saving bank must be validated in order to withdraw your money.

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