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With the user-friendly and secure GreenSky customer portal, you can make online payments, view your credit details and answer your questions. HOME DEPOT's name and logo are trademarks of the Home Depot Product Authority, LLC, used under license. DIY project loans, large project, small payments. Ask for a copy of your loan documents.

Home-depot project loan

Soon after we were granted approval for an HP loan for a loan involved in a major Swiss Solidarity loan scheme, we got an e-mailed saying we could use the bank account number. As we tried to use it on-line, we were informed that we needed to get the real map. We tried to use it again on-line a few weeks later when we got it by post and it didn't work.

We called GreenSky and were informed that we had to go to the shop in order to get the activation. So we went home and tried to use it again and it was rejected. As I called, I was informed that for no obvious reasons there was a "hold" on our bank accounts and we would have to go back to the shop to enable it.

I' m gonna quit it. Initiated a offer of a barrier by H.D. I was asked to submit an application for the loan. My great score is over 700 and I was immediately rejected for 10K requests. Totally laughable and a wastage of research on my loan.

DO NOT spend your own resources trying to apply for a loan! I' ve tried to make them over 7 payments and they keep saying to me that my information is incorrect... I ask them to make the payments by means of a bank account so that I don't get delayed payments and they tell me no.

They call me and say they're trying to recover a loan, so I suggest paying them with a debit and they say they can't take it... what a laugh this firm is. now they don't get any thanks from me for the 15K! and it' already been rejected.

They keep saying to me that it shouldn't be rejected. Then I tried again and it was rejected again. I' ve done this about 5x, named the number on the map, everything is fine, then try to use it, DECLINE. Even if I call the number on the back, they say that they don't even see the try or that it is rejected.

My recommendation is not to turn on the map, it is extremly disappointing and is immediately rejected without cause. Our experiences with the credit cards for the projects were great. So we could order things on-line to deliver them, use the high definition application to find items in shops on the island and in the section.

We paid every months either on-line or by post and it was no big deal.

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