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Good home loans are really important and important financial decision. Purchasing a home is the most expensive purchase in life, and it is equally important to choose a mortgage partner that goes beyond lending. Fund your other requirements with a high-quality top-up loan that goes beyond your existing home loan.

As long as I can remember, I' ve always wanted to buy my own place.

As long as I can remember, I' ve always wanted to buy my own place. Nobody was willing to give me a loan. Pictures are for your convenience only. Real client pictures may differ. Formerly I lived in a leased home, but I had a large plot of ground where I always dreamed of constructing a beautiful little cottage.

MRHFL... *Pictures are for your information only. Real client pictures may differ. Which kind of homes are funded by mortgages? Autonomous homes and apartment of durable character with legal titles apply. You need a planning permission of the city administration and also residential real estate, which can be under development or finished and finished.

Which is the necessary collateral for home loan? Collateral needed for a loan would be a fair or simply recorded hypothec of the home to be funded. How the mortgages are issued depends on which property documentation is filed or made available. Following a pre-audit of the documentation provided by an interested party, our lawyers discuss the kind of mortgages that would be necessary.

How high are the "interest rate" loan payment option for home loan? Interest during the term of the loan will be set at the same interest as on the date of the first payment, unless reviewed every three years as a function of monetary policy considerations. What is the procedure for repaying a home loan?

The loan can be paid back in either montly, semi-annually or quaterly equal installments via EMI/ EQI/ EHI consisting of capital and interest on the basis of your ability to repay. The loan can be paid back by cash/cheque/bill of exchange in any MRHFL office. Reimbursement may also be made at assembly points authorised by the MRHFL.

Is it possible to pay the housing loan in advance? MRHFL does not charge prepayment fees and the loan can be prepaid.

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