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This can be variable or fixed, but is always specified as a percentage. What is better, a loan with fixed or floating interest rates? Loan with floating interest is a loan where the interest applied to the unpaid amount of the loan fluctuates with the variation in the commercial interest rat. Consequently, your payment will also be different (provided your payment is mixed with capital and interest). Fixed-interest mortgages are mortgages where the interest calculated for the loan remains fixed for the whole duration of the loan, irrespective of commercial interest rates.

Because of this, your payment will remain the same over the whole time. If a fixed-interest loan is better for you depends on the interest rates when you take out the loan and on the loan period. If a loan is fixed for the whole maturity, it will remain at the then applicable commercial interest rates plus or minus a spreads unparalleled to the borrowers.

In general, if interest rates are relatively low, but are about to rise, then it will be better to block in your loan at this fixed interest will. Your interest on the new loan will remain the same even if the interest rates rise to a higher level, subject to the conditions of your covenant.

However, if interest rates are falling, it would be better to have a loan with a floating interest on it. If interest rates drop, so will the interest on your loan. A fixed interest loan or a floating interest loan? It is a simple debate, but the statement will not be changed in a more complex one.

Importantly, research has shown that the borrowers are likely to be less likely to interest over an extended term if they receive a floating interest loan compared to a fixed interest loan. Nevertheless, the borrowing party must take into account the amortisation duration of a loan. As the payback of a loan increases, so does the effect of a rise in interest rates on your repayments.

Therefore, floating interest rates (ARM) are advantageous for a borrowers in a deteriorating interest rates climate, but as interest rates increase, loan repayments will increase strongly. For more information about floating interest rates and the effects that interest rates will have, see "Choose your monthly loan payments" and "Mortgages":

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