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Mortgage for a second property

One happy couple has just found the perfect action house. Now we offer loans for investment properties and second homes. Real estate & second homes Now we offer credits for real estate investments and second dwellings. In the following you will find some useful points about real estate investments and second homes: Mae Fannie and Mac Freddie demand higher interest levels on real estate investments, so you' re expecting to be paying more for this type of loan. Long-term mortgages on real estate are capped at 80% of Loan-to-Value (LTV).

If your property is valued at $100,000 then you can lend $80,000 against it. When you buy an asset property, the vendor may add up to 2% of the sale value to your acquisition cost. When you buy an asset property, all the money needed for the deal must come from your own resources: no presents or uncollateralised credit for down payments.

You can, however, lend against your main domicile (e.g. with a home equity loan* ) to make the down payments for your new home. We provide second home jumpbo loan up to an amount of $1,000,0000 (max LTV of 60% and a 740 scale required). The secondary domicile must make good sense. Sure.

Mae and Mac are looking at these credits intensively to ensure that the allocation plan makes good business. Unfortunately, some ruthless individuals are lying by proposing that the property they are trying to buy or fund is really a second home. This is to ensure a better rate for their loan and to enable a higher LTV.

Although such borrower are definitely the majority, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are sceptical about any second home that appears to be a lease/investment property. In order to be eligible as a second home, the property must usually fulfil at least one of the following (and possibly other) criteria:

Your second house must be at least 100 nautical miles from your main home and/or in a place deemed to be a holiday spot (e.g. a house in a skiing area only 20 nautical miles from your home would probably work). A second house cannot be a high-income property. It occupies the second house for at least 14 nights in a given year.

Generally, it only has to make perfect sence and not appear to be a disguised car. Second home mortgages with an LTV exceeding 80% are covered by personal mortgages insurances that may include higher bonuses than those for primary residences. Corresponding loan sums are usually limited to $417,000, but may be higher in certain areas.

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