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The programme supports people who are discriminated against on the grounds of their disabilities through government-sponsored programmes. The Federal Housekeeping Administration (FHA) provides insurance for mortgages granted by FHA-approved creditors to purchasers of prefabricated houses and the land on which they are placed. Through the Continuum of Care (CoC) Home Assistance Programme, we support individual and family members who experience hostility by assisting those without shelter and family members to move into temporary and long-term shelters.

This programme aims to promote equitable residential construction throughout the United States and provides an administered system of law enforcement open to legal scrutiny. Aim of the programme is to design, establish, implement or co-ordinate educational and training programmes aimed at informing the general population about the legal and regulatory requirements under the FAA.

It is the aim of the programme to design, establish, implement, execute or co-ordinate programmes or actions aimed at achieving the implementation of the legal remedies afforded by the FAA or a substantially similar state and municipal FAA. Subject matter of the Programme is the development, implementation, execution or coordination of programmes or actions aimed at achieving the assertion of equity afforded by the FAA or substantially equal state and municipal legislation on equitable house building.

Aim of the programme is to build or extend the capacity of already active organisations to ensure equitable access to accommodation and to build new equitable accommodation implementation organisations. Öffentlicher Wohnungsbau was set up to offer respectable and secure rented accommodation to entitled low-income households. There are all kinds and varieties of publicly -owned residential buildings, from dispersed single-family homes to high-rise flats for older people.

Accommodation Selection Programme offers support to very low-income households in financing proper, secure and hygienic living. Residential construction may comprise detached houses, town houses and flats and is not restricted to entities in subsidised residential construction as such. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) finances residential property advisory services across the nation that can give you guidance on home purchase, rent, default, foreclosure, credit questions and reversed mortgage loans.

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) offers loan enhancements for multi-family home mortgage lending whose credits are subscribed, handled, maintained and sold by Housing Finance Agencies (HFA). With this subsidy, low-cost, respectable, secure and accessible homes for low-income family members will be provided and operated by an Authorised Homeowners Association (PHA).

Indians, Tribes, Tribally Named House Owning entities (TDHEs) and Indigenous House Owning Authorities on India's property are offered residential property through a secured mortgages loan programme available through commercial banks. These grants provide government support to indigenous peoples for the right to autonomy, residential related service such as home counselling, self support service, power audit and development of local organisations.

The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) provides insurance for mortgages granted by individual credit institutes to fund the acquisition of a new or used home. It is a web-based programme on the National Housing Locator System (NHLS) website that enables the general public looking for HUD regional offices, HUD field offices, government housing agencies and other disaster-related assets.

This programme aims to ban discriminatory treatment on grounds of disabilities in programmes or actions that receive state funding. This programme aims to ban Age Discrimination in programmes or actions that receive state funding. SRO offers mortgages for apartment buildings with individual room use.

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