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Become part of an elite group of mortgage experts . In order to qualify for the CLHMA label, an individual must take a full on-line course, take a multiple-choice examination and retain full participation in the Luxury Home Mortgage Group. After successfully completing the course, you will become a member of The Luxury Home Mortgage Group for one year. Affiliates get privileged market intelligence, invitation to industry-specific meetings, continuous education, and easy entry to powerful customer and credit building resources and strategy.

Membership of the Luxembourg Home Mortgage Group allows you to distinguish yourself as the mortgage specialist of your choosing for wealthy people. This seven-digit play-book offers you a full range of online merchandising tools that you can use immediately. Every time you go through a particular part of your play-book, you finish a particular section and you have finished another part of your play-book.

Specifically designed for wealthy individuals, this scheme ranges from USD 1 million to USD 30 million in investible wealth. You' ll find out how to find and establish a top professional ecosystem and enable them to support you and add you to their list of luxurious home owners.

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It motivates me to work with members and provide them with the best possible level of support, adapted to their particular mortgage needs. Being a mortgage advisor, I am very proud to be the first point of call for members, from contingent pre-qualification to new mortgage finance. My specialized portfolio includes both static and floating interest rates for traditional, high weight and overdrafts.

My broad financial backgrounds enable me to inform and consult members on mortgage programmes that best achieve their goals. Through the mortgage lifecycle from request to completion, I support members to ensure a smooth user interface. Work with my customers to offer the best mortgage products for their unique needs.

Extensive mortgage product expertise and expertise with all kinds of credit programmes make me a very efficient mortgage advisor. My Members First philosophies are powerful and I put them into words by thoroughly interacting with members throughout the mortgage lifecycle to keep them up to date and happy. It is my aim to provide the best possible member experiences, tailored to the individual needs of each mortgage lending operation.

We work with many kinds of borrower from first-person homebuyers, members who move, and those who are looking for refinancing. It takes me a while to reply to all the relevant issues concerning the funding of a house. It is my aim as a mortgage advisor to help you through the mortgage finance lifecycle from beginning to end.

If you are a first-time home buyer or considering funding your current mortgage, I will be your attorney when it comes to choosing the credit facility that best suits your needs. It is my aim to create relations with our members, and by taking the initiative to understand what your needs are, I can create funding solutions that meet your unique objectives.

As member happiness is a top concern, I make sure I not only have expertise in the mortgage lending business, but will also be communicating at every step. I' m a very member-oriented individual with a love of mortgage. I' m constantly looking for ways to expand my expertise and my standing as a competent, diligent and expert mortgage advisor.

This is an excellent occasion to help our members control the mortgage cycle. Regardless of whether you are a recent member, a new member or a prospective referrer, I am happy to have the option of helping you buy or fund a principal home, holiday home or apartment. I have 25 years of credit experience in manufacturing operations as well as building finance, ground credits, prefabricated houses and real estate.

Educating is an important part of the equation, and by giving the first monthly home buyer tutorial, I am able to offer a critically educated play to members. I have a credit history that focuses on home buying, especially the first house buy. My passions are to support our members throughout the mortgage lifecycle.

It is my first concern to respond to your question about funding a house. Working with customers to find the finance that best suits their needs, I work very closely with them. Specialities are conventional, FHA and VA financings as well as renovation and first construction programmes. It is my aim to offer a truly unforgettable mortgage adventure.

I' ve had 20 years of mortgage business with you. Looking forward to assisting our members with the mortgage loan lifecycle from beginning to end. What I like most about being a mortgage advisor is to do what is necessary to get the entire mortgage loan processing done as quickly and effectively as possible while offering first class client services.

We work with many kinds of borrower, among them first-time buyers, moves and refinance of mortgage book. Whatever your question, my expertise with credit lines, FHA and VA credit lines will help you. I' ll find a mortgage that suits your needs. So whether you are buying a home or refinance, I will work really hard to make sure that you get the best interest rates and the best credit programme for your needs, with unmatched services.

I' ve been in the mortgage and credit business for 10 plus years and have considerable experience working with first-time home buyers, as well as traditional, FHA and VA finance programmes. Over the years, I have learnt that the best tools I have is to listen to my member's mortgage needs. Being a mortgage advisor, I am very proud to be the first point of call for members, from contingent pre-qualification to new mortgage finance.

My specialty is to provide static and floating interest mortgage solutions for traditional, high endowment and junbo loans. My priorities are to pay close attention to details, from pre-qualification and identifying the best credit programme to accompanying you through the purchase and closure of your new home.

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