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The purchase or refinancing of a home is a big step on your financial journey. This fixed rate mortgage tools will help you with your decision. Mortgage Loans | Wisconsin Mortgage & Interest Would you like to exchange your month's rental for a house you can own, upgrade from your "starter home" or simply reduce your month's payment? The mortgage specialists at UW Credit Union deliver fast, locally based credit approvals so you can move in earlier. Request a new home loan today or re-finance it.

Buying a house, whether you are an expert house owner or a first-time purchaser, is a big one. Please call us at 800-533-6773, ext. 2810, visit one of our offices or submit your application on-line. Whatever your preference, our expert credit advisors will work with you throughout the whole lifecycle.

It is our aim to make the whole procedure simple and stress-free and to accompany you every single way. Join an expert member of our staff. Visit us at one of our favourite First-Time Home Buyer Courses. Join the UW Credit Union is simple.

A fixed-rate loan - why should you do so?

Receive the peace of mind of a capital and interest payments that never goes up. You have the freedom to set your interest rates for periods between 8 and 30 years, depending on what works best for you. Look at the advantages of a loan with a guaranteed interest rating that is mentioned below. So why should I take a fixed-rate loan?

Block your interest rates for the whole life of your loan, no matter what else happens on the open markets. Make the same initial lump sum payout in the first year that you make at the end of your mortgage. Possibly you can lower your deposit.

Commitment to Service We are here to guide you through the whole lifecycle, from job applications to graduation and beyond.

Prices below are quoted for Columbus, Ohio, 43015 postcode and may differ by markets (or regions). Prices are valid from Tuesday 11 September 2018. The interest rates require a 1% issue charge plus any extra points as set out above. APRs are predicated on a loan amount of $120,000, a down pay of at least 20%, revealed points, the paying of certain usual loan agreement charges, a loan scoring of at least 740, a fixed-interest term of 60 calendar days, and the assumption of a home buyer without collateral funding for a home in Franklin County, Ohio.

To find a loan clerk near you, click here or call us at 1-800-LOAN US-1 (1-800-562-6871) to find out the conditions available near you. A mortgage insurance may be necessary for credits with less than 20% down payments, which increases the APR and results in a higher loanayment.

Rates and charges are changeable without prior notification. Each loan is conditional on loan authorisation and the obtaining of a real estate report that demonstrates adequate value. Loan applications and approvals are required for all loan product. Equity home loan and line of business also object to accepted valuation and securities quest. Loan clerks are ready to help you.

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