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Do you already own land, or do you have family land where you can set up your home? No matter if it's furniture (at home only), a property/house package or a building loan, we have the expertise to help you cope with today's difficult mortgage process. chattel (home only) loans Are you already the owner of property or do you have your own property where you can set up your house? Cascade's Chattel Loan is here for you if you replied yes! Cascade's Chattel Loan was developed with you in mind!

No! Working with Cascade gives you the highest levels of customer care in the business.

Credit professionals are qualified and take the initiative to fully appreciate your needs and provide a personal approach to credit services tailored to those needs. Are you eligible for a Chattel mortgage?

The JCF Lending Group - Mobile Home Loans - Originated mortgage loans

The JCF Lending Group offers loans for mobiles for both funding and funding. Established in 1994 with the single aim of making motorhome loans available to those living in, or wishing to buy, a built home. Our activities are restricted to clients who own caravans, camper van fleets or municipalities or who own or rent residential, rental, family or freehold property.

At JCF, we provide home loans and finished home loans for clients with good to very good loans. While we can help with the buying or funding, we can only help if the country is not involved in the deal. The JCF is able to provide some of the nation's cheapest home conditions to our prefab house buyers who wish to fund their up to date loans.

Also, we provide mobil home finance for qualifying customers who want to buy a mobil or built home with only 5% discount. With over 30 years of DIY expertise, our highly skilled personnel will guide you through every stage of your rental project.

None of our produced and portable home loans programmes come with any prepayment penalties, no claim fees and produced home loans conditions from 7 to 25 years. And we pride ourselves on offering some of the cheapest home fare and charge combinations. The JCF will make a lending proposal available to you, usually within 24 working days of requesting your motor home, whether it is a finished house or motor home refinancing.

Up to 8 different construction finance options are also available. Whether you are considering the purchase of a used home or the purchase of a newly built home, the JCF Lending Group will find a home finance solution that is right for you. There are several important reasons for the kind of home finance received: the year of the home and the time value are a major consideration, as are the applicant's amount of money and the income per month.

If you' re thinking about renting a home, think about JCF. After approval of the Mobilhome Finanzierungskredit, the amount of the down payments will determine the interest rates quoted. Conditions range from 7 years to 25 years, based on which credit programme you select. In most cases, the best house finance ratio can be achieved with a maturity of 10 years.

Need Made House Refinance - By adapting your actual interest rates and the number of outstanding loans repayments, many things can be achieved. Decreased month-by-month repayments and thousand of dollar in accumulated life insurance deposits are just some of the possible advantages of RV refinance or this low interest mortgage lending.

When the built home is in good shape and there is an adequate amount of capital in your home, extra payment alternatives such as a capital payout and house loan consolidating can be an optional one. We will quickly determine whether a house refinancing is an advantage. It is our aim to offer every client the right financing for their mobil home.

F: What creditworthiness is required for a created hypothecary claim? The JCF Lending Group is a supplier of A-securities loans and we need good to very good loans. Currently, our minimal hypothecary core for purchasing finance is 660, both for buying and refinancing a hypothecary value of 680. May I use a co-signer with the JCF Lending Group?

However, we would like to warn prospective users looking for this option, as most high-end caravan fleets and lease municipalities will not issue residence permits to users with low ratings. Normally, all residents over the ages of 18 who are planning to reside in a camper site or rented property sharing unit must undergo both loan and crime screening.

F: Does JCF offer real estate and prefabricated house financings? No. The JCF Lending Group is an established private creditor. The JCF is not entitled to fund country or the combined country and prefabricated house. The house can only be financed if it was not purchased together with the property.

The majority of our clients are living in motorhome fleets, in built residential complexes or in rental/family country settings. F: My mobilhome is located in a park and/or on hired property, can you help? The JCF specialises in this kind of forms of financing and/or loans. F: Does JCF Brand finance New Homes that come from a trader?

Yes, as long as the house is furnished and in a viable state before the finance. Our merchant fee is also limited to a 25% of the merchant costs for the house. We cannot help you if the retailer needs money before the house is ready. F: Can I get 100% finance for a prefab house?

No. We ask for a deposit of at least 5% on all purchases. Consumer with several recent mortgage and/or residential properties, including holiday houses, must now make a 20% deposit on all purchases.

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